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Early Voting And Offshore Wind Power Advance In Maryland Senate

Lawmakers in Annapolis advanced two major bills, though in dramatically different fashion.

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Competing Plans For The Federal Budget

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Democratic Senator Patty Murray offer very different blueprints for the federal budget. How the plans compare and prospects for compromise.


Holder Responds To Paul About Drone Strikes On U.S. Soil

"Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?" the attorney general asks. "The answer to that question is no."

Rand Paul Talks His Way Into The Political Big Time

Paul's epic-length filibuster not only drew attention to an issue of increasing concern to Congress, but also helped raise his own profile. The Kentucky Republican has long been considered a presidential aspirant.

Small Towns Struggle Too

The city of Detroit has been in the headlines after the state announced plans to appoint an emergency financial manager. But how are smaller cities dealing with a budget that's in the red? To find out more, host Michel Martin speaks with Diana Garza, mayor of Floresville, Texas. Garza is new to the job — a position that pays $100 a month.
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Singer/Songwriter, Author And Activist Carole King (Rebroadcast)

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Carole King on her decades-long career in music, her work for women’s rights and environmental advocacy.


Will Breaking Bread Break The Deadlock In D.C.?

The president dined Wednesday with Republicans. He has lunch today with the 2012 GOP vice presidential nominee. Next week: More discussions with Republicans over a meal.

Today: First Key Votes On Gun Laws Since Newtown Shootings

The Senate Judiciary Committee takes up four proposals. They include a new ban on assault-style weapons. While the bills are likely to get the committee's OK, they face opposition after that.