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Virginia Teachers Tell Richmond: 'No Child Is Standardized'

The accountability system is too restrictive, teachers say, and they're proposing ways for legislators to tweak it.


17 States Sue Obama Over Immigration Actions

Texas, which is leading the states, filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of Texas. State Attorney General Greg Abbott said the president's action "tramples" the Constitution.

Potential Presidential Candidates Give Speeches On Foreign Policy

On Wednesday in Washington, D.C., three of many men and women who are talked about as presidential contenders gave foreign policy speeches.

Obama Talks Gas Tax And Visas With Business Leaders

President Obama talked to business leaders about tax reform, clashes on immigration and the potential for a government shutdown on Wednesday.

President Obama And The Courts: A Shift In Balance

Journalist Jeffrey Toobin notes how Obama's appointees are a new mix of ethnic minorities, women and gay judges. But a couple of these courts are hearing suits that could undo some of Obama's actions.

When Big Money Leads To Diplomatic Posts

A couple of big Obama campaign donors were confirmed as U.S. ambassadors by the Senate on Tuesday. But some bad performances in confirmation hearings are raising questions about the practice.

Sports Commissioners Absent From Senate Hearing On Domestic Abuse

With domestic violence by sports figures in the news, members of the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the issue. But not one commissioner — from the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL — showed up.

House OKs Measure Stopping Social Security Payments To Former Nazis

A loophole in the law meant suspected Nazis who were forced out of the country continued to receive benefits. The House vote was unanimous. The Senate votes on a similar measure in the coming weeks.
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Fairfax Considers Raising Pay For County Supervisors

Supervisors currently earn $75,000 a year, a salary one supervisor says is part-time pay for full-time work.
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Leventhal To Focus On Jobs As New Montgomery County Council President

"I want Montgomery County to be known as the county that works," said Leventhal, who was previously picked as council president in 2006.