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Bush 41 And 43 Share Common Enemy: Saddam Hussein

Former President George W. Bush discusses with NPR's David Greene how both he and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, waged war against Saddam Hussein, and the state of Iraq today.

U.S. Rep. Alma Adams To Be Sworn Into Office

Democrat Alma Adams represents North Carolina's 12th Congressional District. Steve Inskeep talks to her about her new position; she had served in North Carolina's General Assembly for 20 years.

Lame-Duck Congress Gets Back To Work After Midterm Elections

On the to-do list is a spending bill to continue government funding past Dec. 11, and a tax bill to preserve some long-standing breaks. First up, are leadership elections.

Anti-Poverty Groups Prepare For Battles With New Congress

They've been fighting to maintain government spending for social services during a tough economy. In January, they'll face an all-Republican Congress, and the likelihood of steeper cuts has increased.

Supreme Court Case Seeks Source Of Alabama Gerrymandering

The court is being asked to decide whether a 2010 state legislative redistricting in Alabama overloaded some districts with black Democrats on the basis of race or party.

Affordable Care Act Has Many Political And Legal Challenges Ahead

The federal health exchange website is live this week for window shopping and people will begin to purchase new health insurance there on Saturday. But the Affordable Care Act still has many political and legal challenges ahead.

GOP Majority Also Brings New Leadership On Key Committees

With every new Congress, power ebbs and flows for certain states. Some, like Michigan, will see a significant loss of congressional clout. Other states, like Texas, could see a surge of power.
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Gov.-Elect Hogan Begins 'Thank You' Tour Of Maryland

It was just a week ago that Republican Larry Hogan was swept to victory in Maryland's gubernatorial election, and today he kicks off a tour of the state to thank the voters who elected him to office.


Politics And A Food Fight Are Stalling A Major U.S.-Asia Trade Deal

Supporters of expanded trade with Asian nations hoped this week would bring completion of a major deal, but U.S. and Japanese negotiators — and Obama and congressional Republicans — still don't agree.

43 On 41: A President Traces The Life Of His Father

Former President George W. Bush sits down with host David Greene to discuss his new book, 41, a biography of his father and fellow former President George H.W. Bush.