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For Congressional Committees, It's All In The Name

A Senate Judiciary subcommittee dropped "human rights" and "civil rights" from its name last month, sparking some controversy. But does the congressional name game even matter?

Some Thoughtful Words — And Many Unanswered Questions — After Chapel Hill

Here are some of the many powerful essays we've come across in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Ashton Carter Is Sworn In As Obama's 4th Defense Secretary

The cold and snow that walloped Washington didn't stop Ashton Carter from reporting for work at the Pentagon Tuesday. Carter was sworn in as the 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense on Tuesday.
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Virginia Senate Approves Bill Shrouding Lethal Injection Cocktail In Secrecy

A controversial bill headed to the Virginia House of Delegates is aimed at making sure the Commonwealth's Department of Corrections can secure the three-drug cocktail used for lethal injections, while keeping the suppliers secret.


Federal Judge Blocks Obama's Executive Actions On Immigration

Two days before the first of President Obama's executive actions on immigration were to take effect, the new rules have been put on hold by a federal judge's ruling in South Texas.

Pre-Election, Chicago Mayor Emanuel Loses African-American Support

School closings and high crime in some neighborhoods are big issues as Rahm Emanuel battles four challengers who want his job. President Obama is headed to town to give his former top aide a boost.

Presidents Day Deal: Pass Our Quiz, Win Nothing

They've all helped create our nation, but do you know who they are?
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Effort To End Mandatory Minimum Sentences Gains Bipartisan Support

Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott is part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers that is looking to give judges more discretion on sentencing.


Honoring Presidents Day Reminds Us 2016 Isn't That Far Away

On this holiday, we look ahead to who might enter the 2016 presidential race. Is Democrat Hillary Clinton going to run, and what Republicans might decide to enter the race?

Boehner Blames Democrats For Scuffle Over Homeland Security Funding

The Speaker of the House's remarks, made on Fox News Sunday, come after days of back and forth over the measure, which also includes restrictions on President Obama's immigration initiative.