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GOP Split Over Bill To Let Immigrants In U.S. Illegally Serve In Military

Some members of Congress would like to allow immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally when they were children to serve. But some Republicans are threatening to hold up a key defense bill over it.

Court Throws Out Nun's Sabotage Conviction For Nuclear Site Break-In

Sister Megan Rice's case gained attention after supporters said the 85-year-old nuclear activist was being held in unfair conditions.

The 13 Questions Hillary Clinton Has Answered From The Press

It has been more than three weeks since Hillary Clinton has answered a question from the press. That hasn't stopped reporters from trying.

Vote On Obama's Fast-Track Trade Bill Blocked By Senate Democrats

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats kept trade legislation from moving forward, dealing a blow to President Obama's agenda. Republicans and the White House now grapple with what comes next.

Obama Lays The Foundation For A Post White House Life

In addition to his presidential library, Obama will focus on young people — particularly young men of color through an organization he started at the White House called My Brother's Keeper.

Jeb Bush Backtracks On Iraq, Says He 'Interpreted The Question Wrong, I Guess'

Jeb Bush is walking back comments he made on Iraq that he would have authorized the invasion even knowing what we know now. But he later said he actually doesn't know what he would have done.

Obama: We Must 'Guard Against Cynicism' When It Comes To Poverty

"There's a lot we can do," President Obama said at a forum in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. Just across town, progressive leaders laid out plans to tackle poverty.

Texas Sen. Doesn't Want Clergy 'Coerced' Into Officiating Same-Sex Marriages

In Texas, state legislators are considering a number of bills disapproving of same-sex marriage. They are also learning some lessons from the "religious freedom" controversy in Indiana.

Jeb Bush Faces Criticism Over Iraq War Comments

Jeb Bush's last name is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to his becoming president. He has vowed that he's his own man, but he now says he would also have authorized the Iraq War — even knowing what we know now.

Chicago Wins Bid For Obama Presidential Library

The Barack Obama Foundation announced Tuesday the bid from the University of Chicago — in the president's adopted home town — beat out proposals from Hawaii, New York and another Chicago university.