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Obama Speaks Candidly On Gun Control, Race In Podcast Appearance

President Obama spoke frankly about race relations and gun violence in America with comedian Marc Maron. The two issues were brought to the forefront by the mass shooting in Charleston, S.C.

Gov. Haley Announces New Push To Remove Confederate Flag In S.C.

South Carolina's most prominent political leaders say it's time for their state to stop flying the Confederate battle flag on the grounds of its State House.

Released From Prison, Nuclear Protest Nun Now Likely To Stay Free

The Justice Department said it will not seek a rehearing after Sister Megan Rice's sabotage conviction was thrown out last month.

California's Medicaid Program Fails To Ensure Access To Doctors

The state is not monitoring its Medicaid managed care plans to make sure they have enough doctors to meet patients' needs, an audit finds. And thousands of calls to an ombudsman were never returned.

Confederate Flag Controversy Raised Again After S.C. Church Shooting

The place that the confederate flag should occupy has long divided the country. Many want the flag to be removed. But some leading Republicans have defended the right of South Carolina to display it.

Rethinking The Presidential Debate

NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Democratic and Republican communications strategists Anita Dunn and Beth Myers about proposals to change the way we organize presidential debates.

Sen. Tim Scott: Charleston Shooting Was 'A Crime Of Hate'

Sen. Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina, shares his thoughts on the shooting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

For Ted Cruz, The Hard Part Comes Next

Despite rousing speeches to faith gatherings, the Texas senator hasn't shown yet that he can marry that energy with the hand-to-hand campaigning needed to win voters in Iowa and South Carolina.

Leaving Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders Found Home In Vermont

Sanders grew up a city kid, dreaming of a life in the Green Mountain State. Now, a friend says, "I think he needs his fix of Vermont."

Courted By Candidates, Faith Voters Say They Want To Hear More

Attendees of the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference say they want to hear the candidates talk about higher education, defense and gun rights.