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An End To Kerfuffles And Questions: Former Press Secretary Reflects

On the occasion of his departure, former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney talks to Audie Cornish about his time spent at the White House podium.

Week In Politics: Lawsuits, Rulings And The Legacy Of Howard Baker

Political commentators E.J. Dionne and Mary-Kate Cary discuss the latest Supreme Court rulings, Boehner's announced desire to sue President Obama and the legacy of longtime Sen. Howard Baker.
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Judge: Former Attorney General Can't Testify In McDonnell Case

A federal judge is refusing to allow a former Virginia attorney general to testify as an expert witness in former Governor Bob McDonnell's corruption trial.
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A Topsy Turvy Summer in Virginia Politics

Virginia's lawmakers recently averted a government shutdown by approving a budget. But the politics of the Old Dominion don't appear to be returning to normalcy any time soon: the governor is moving forward to expand Medicaid on his own...


White House Task Force To Save Bees Stirs Hornet's Nest

When the administration created a task force to combat the ongoing collapse of the nation's bee population, it created more than a little buzz.
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Republican Candidates Call To Stop New Climate Change Rules

In 2008 the Republican mantra was "Drill baby drill." This year Republican candidates across the U.S. are carrying a different banner: "Stop the EPA."

Supreme Court Invalidates 3 Obama Recess Appointments

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that temporary appointments President Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board in 2012 were unconstitutional because the Senate was technically not in recess.

Howard Baker's Legacy: Political, But Not Partisan

At a time when Washington and its insiders are widely reviled, the late Senate majority leader will be remembered as a Washington insider who was widely revered.
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Democrat Chuck Colgan To Retire From Virginia Senate

The longest serving lawmaker in the Virginia General Assembly will officially retire next year.

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Nigerian-Americans Respond to Boko Haram Violence

The Nigerian government's inability to rescue hundreds of abducted school girls has prompted worldwide outrage. Kojo talks with a local Nigerian-American activist about the situation.