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Congress Will Get A $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill This Week

Faced with a Thursday deadline to finance the U.S. government, leaders in Congress have worked out a bill that would fund the government until October 2015.

In Spending Bill, A Gift For Political Party Fundraising

The Republican and Democratic parties will be able to collect an additional $97,200 per year from donors to pay for presidential nominating conventions.
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Rep. Andy Harris Hears From D.C. Residents During Marijuana Keynote

D.C. residents still aren't happy with Maryland Republican Andy Harris meddling in local affairs, and some let him know it today at an event focusing on the effects of marijuana.

Congress Says Goodbye To Its Last World War II Vets

When the next session of Congress begins in January, it will be the first in more than 60 years without a veteran of World War II. It's a generation that dominated the House and Senate for decades.

Senate Panel Looks At Taking Sexual Assault Investigations Off Campus

Survivors say the criminal justice system can be re-traumatizing. But many say the system needs to be fixed because the courts are the only ones with the power to take rapists off the street.

Congress Pushes Up Against Deadline To Keep Government Funded

Congress has just over two days left to pass a spending bill before the government runs out of cash, and lawmakers appear to be pushing it to the wire. So far, no one is worried about an actual shutdown, despite some policy arguments that have delayed completion of the legislation.

Advocate's Comments On ACA Now A Liability For Law's Supporters

Lawmakers grilled an MIT professor on Tuesday over controversial comments he made about Obamacare. Jon Gruber has been one of the law's strongest advocates, but he also said the law passed with a big assist from voters' "stupidity."

Senate Panel's Report On CIA Calls Harsh Tactics Ineffective

Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee released a report saying the CIA misled higher-ups and didn't accurately describe its post-Sept. 11 interrogation tactics. The CIA disputes the findings.

Obama: CIA's 'Harsh Methods' Inconsistent With Values, National Security

Earlier, GOP Sens. Mitch McConnell and Saxby Chambliss said the release of the Senate's report on the CIA's interrogation practices "will present serious consequences for U.S. national security."

'Obamacare' Expert Apologizes For Remarks On Law's Creation

MIT health care economist Jonathan Gruber had said the "stupidity of the American voter" was critical in getting the law passed. Critics say that displays the deceit that went into creating the law.