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At DNC, Kaine Looks To Win Over South For Democrats

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine spoke at yesterday's Democratic National Convention, taking a break from campaigning in his tight Senate race against former Republican Sen. George Allen. 


Because Of Weather, Obama's Acceptance Speech Will Move Indoors

The Obama campaign was hoping to make a splash with tens of thousands in a stadium, but they've scaled back plans because of weather.

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D.C. Corporate Contributions Petition Won't Be On November Ballot

The group trying to put a proposal banning corporate contributions to D.C. political campaigns on the November ballot will have to wait; with a four-week extension to re-examine some signatures, they won't make the ballot deadline.

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DNC 2012 Roundup: Michelle Obama Rallies Crowd

The first night of the Democratic National Convention starred first lady Michelle Obama, as well as lots of talk about abortion and a woman's right to choose, the role of immigration in the U.S. and Swiss bank accounts.


Bill Clinton, Politics' Comeback Kid, Rides Again At The DNC

The former president, who will speak tonight in North Carolina, has played a role in every Democratic National Convention since 1972. Reviewing Clinton's exploits at the past 10 annual confabs offers a set of milestones for his entire career — and recaps 40 years of convention history.


Democrats Unleashed Some 'Dubious Or Misleading Claims,' Fact Checkers Say

Just as on the nights of the Republican National Convention, independent fact checkers spent the first night of the Democratic National Convention listening for claims that don't add up — and found them.


Obama Needs Minority Voters On His Side

Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, speaker after speaker made the case that voters should give President Obama four more years. Ronald Brownstein of the National Journal tells Steve Inskeep that to get that chance; the president will need to win 80 percent of minority voters.

Colo. Gov. Hickenlooper To Address DNC Delegates

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is considered a rising stary in the Democratic Party. He will address the Democratic National Convention in prime time Wednesday night. So far, the former Denver mayor and brew pub owner has rebuffed speculation that he has national political aspirations.

Michelle Obama: 'Being President ... Reveals Who You Are'

Largely wrung of politics, the first lady's speech plotted parallels in her life and that of her husband, President Obama. She pointedly tracked their humble beginnings and strivings in an unspoken but clear contrast to the privileged upbringing of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


First Lady Stays Above The Fray In Convention Speech

First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the stars on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. She delivered a ringing, impassioned plea for the re-election of her husband, President Barack Obama.