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Comparing Romney's '47 Percent' Remark And Obama's 'Cling To Guns' Comments

While there are similarities between Mitt Romney's remarks in 2012 and President Obama's in 2008 — both meant to explain to donors why some voters are cold to them — there are profound differences, as well.

Obama Backers Battle For Dominance On Denver Airwaves

A total of 21 groups have spent almost $20 million on 18,956 ads in the Denver market airing between July 30 and Nov. 6, an analysis shows. It found that President Obama and his allies are outspending Republican Mitt Romney and conservative groups allied with him, at least for now.

Romney's Wrong And Right About The '47 Percent'

Yes, about half of Americans don't pay income taxes. But experts say few of those are shirking their responsibilities — and most pay many other types of taxes. Meanwhile, the GOP nominee has mixed some figures to come up with his conclusions, fact checkers say.

Palestinians Have 'No Interest ... In Establishing Peace,' Romney Says

The liberal news outlet Mother Jones has video from a May 17 fundraiser. Monday, it released a clip in which the GOP nominee says 47 percent of Americans will vote for President Obama because they are "dependent upon government" and feel they "are victims."

Romney Forced To Explain 'Victims' Comment

Mitt Romney's effort to refocus his GOP presidential campaign on substance hit a rough patch Monday night. A secretly filmed video, released by Mother Jones magazine, shows Romney saying nearly half of Americans think they are "victims." Romney says his remarks were not elegantly stated.

Obama Gets Tough On China's Auto Subsidies

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has criticized President Obama for not taking a harder line against China. On Monday, the White House announced a new trade complaint over what the administration calls China's unfair subsidies for auto parts. The news came as Obama campaigned in Ohio, where auto parts are big business.

Newsmakers Trade Access For Quotation Approval

Renee Montagne talks to David Carr, the media and culture columnist for The New York Times, about the trend toward journalists agreeing to quotation approval as a condition of access. Carr says he doesn't think the people who are making history should be allowed to rewrite it.

Leaked Video Shows Romney Discussing 'Dependent' Voters

Videos appearing to show Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney talking candidly with wealthy donors about Obama supporters have caused a stir in the campaigns. The videos have emerged after Romney's perceived stumbles on the campaign trail.