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Compromise Could Limit Access To Federal Transportation Money

Congressional conferees are scrambling to reach a compromise on the federal transportation bill Wednesday. While the current version could give states more control over federal dollars, it could cost local governments access to funds for safety projects.


Read The Tea Leaves, But Justices (And Their Clerks) Aren't Telling

Only a few dozen people know how the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law. And it'll stay that way until Thursday morning. Justices and their law clerks don't leak opinions, which may explain the intense focus on what tea leaves can be read.

Presidential Campaigns Move Into High Gear

With the Republican primary season completed, the presidential campaigns are buckling down for the months ahead. NPR's Ron Elving and political strategists Vin Weber and Anna Greenberg discuss the presidential race, key battleground states and what it will take for candidates Romney or Obama to win in November.

Where's The Bathroom? Half Of All State Lawmakers Will Be New On The Job

Due to big GOP gains in 2010 and likely turnover this fall, about half the nation's state legislators will have just two years' experience or less when they take their seats next January.

What Issues Really Matter To Latinos?

A recent Gallup poll shows immigration lags behind other issues among Latino voters. But immigration has dominated recent headlines and both President Obama and Mitt Romney are fighting to garner Latino support. Guest host Viviana Hurtado speaks with Kristian Ramos of a Democratic-leaning think tank, and the National Review's Mario Loyola.
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The University Of Virginia Reverses Course

The University of Virginia Board of Visitors unanimously reinstated President Teresa Sullivan yesterday, two weeks after the same governing body demanded her resignation.

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Lawmakers Renew Push For Stricter Campaign Finance Disclosures

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin (D) called this week's Supreme Court decision on Montana's campaign finance law a "missed opportunity" to reexamine Citizens United.

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Analysis: George Allen's Comeback

George Allen's path to his current race for U.S. Senate has been a rocky one, but six years after the gaffe that many say cost him the election, he's back in the game.