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Gun Control A Surprise Issue In Presidential Debate

A topic rarely discussed by the presidential candidates this election — gun control — was raised during Tuesday's debate. But they spent little time discussing specifics of their Second Amendment policies. Melissa Block talks about those policies with Rebekah Metzler of U.S. News and World Report.

Israeli Politicians Look To U.S. For Campaign Funds

An Israeli government report shows that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top politicians in Israel raise a large percentage of their campaign money in the United States. Some Israelis say they are bothered, but many say they have come to expect it.

The Town Hall Debate's Best Moments And Memes

President Barack Obama went on the offensive against Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the second of three presidential debates. Political Junkie Ken Rudin talks about the face-off's memorable moments, and NPR's Andy Carvin shares which quips and quotes lit up the Internet.
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Fiftieth Anniversary Of President Kennedy's Assassination

Diane and her guests discuss the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and its impact on American history.

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The JFK Assassination Anniversary: Public Perceptions And Political Realities

In the first of a two-part series, Diane and a panel of experts explore gaps between public perceptions and political realities driving the events of the era.


Ballot Measures Put Hot-Button Issues To A Vote

In many states, the tight presidential race isn't the only thing on people's minds: Ballot measures are putting some controversial social and political issues up for popular vote. Same-sex marriage and the death penalty are just two of the measures voters will weigh in on come election day.

October Surmise: Predicting The Next President

Predicting a presidential winner is one of America's favorite pastimes, and not just for political pundits. One theory is based on whether you're from a "football state" or a "baseball state." And, of course, there are Halloween mask sales. And this year, Chia candidates.

What's For Dinner? Fueling A Presidential Debate

Both candidates fueled up on potatoes and meat last night as they prepared for the debate at separate Marriotts near Hofstra University. But did what they choose to eat help their performance? We asked an expert to weigh in.

Speechwriters Size Up Round 2

The stakes were high for both candidates as President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in their second debate Tuesday night. Host Michel Martin speaks with two former speechwriters: Paul Orzulak, who helped Vice President Joe Biden prepare for his debate, and columnist Mary Kate Cary who worked with the George H.W. Bush administration.

Debate Watchers Get A Town Brawl

A group who gathered Tuesday in Las Vegas to watch the presidential debate saw a base-rousing spectacle of Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's dislike for each other.