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Obama: I Will Not Let Deficit Talks Be Tied To Another Debt Ceiling Debate

The president again laid down his position on what's expected to be the next bruising battle in Washington. He made the case that the borrowing limit has nothing to do with future spending. Republicans counter that there's no better time to debate spending.

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Region's Lawmakers Divided On Gun Control Recommendations

Vice President Joe Biden is due to present gun control recommendations to the president this week, but lawmakers in the D.C. region are as divided as Congress at large on what should be done.


Critics Decry Looser Rules For Inauguration Fundraising

President Obama has changed course from 2009, allowing bigger donations and corporate money. Advocates for overhauling campaign finance laws wonder what happened to the president's old pledge to change the way Washington works.

Lack Of Up-To-Date Research Complicates Gun Debate

Vice President Joe Biden says his task force on reducing gun violence is facing an unexpected obstacle: slim or outdated research on weapons. Public health research dried up more than a decade ago after Congress restricted the use of some federal money to pay for those studies.

Losing Our Religion: The Growth Of The 'Nones'

This week, Morning Edition explores the "nones" — Americans who say they don't identify with any religion. Kicking off the series, the Pew Research Center's Greg Smith and Harvard's Bob Putnam explain why so many folks say they have no religion.

Enmity And Ennui: Va. Governor's Race Inspiring Both

It looks like Virginians will be choosing between polarizing figures for governor this year: right-wing state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe. Polls show voters don't much like one, and don't really know the other.