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For Obama, Vindication, But Not A Mandate

Obama has become only the third U.S. president to win re-election by a narrower margin than his first victory. Having won a second term, Obama will seek to set the nation's agenda on issues ranging from taxes to immigration, but he may continue to struggle in selling his ideas to Congress.

After Election, Congress Turns To 'Fiscal Cliff,' Other Money Issues

The lame-duck Congress has just weeks to jump to the rescue of an economy moving closer and closer to the so-called fiscal cliff — a $600 billion cluster of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes due to hit at year's end.

Media Circus: Fox Struggles With Obama's Win

Analysts and reporters focused on the dip in optimism from the election four years ago. But at virtually no point did they appear to entertain the idea that President Obama may have won voters' trust on a personal level, identified policies that voters found appealing, or notched any worthwhile accomplishments.

Audio And Transcript: Romney's Concession Speech

Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech in the presidential race in Boston.

Audio And Transcript: Obama's Victory Speech

President Obama delivers his victory speech in Chicago after winning a second term.

Scenes Of Celebration At The White House

Some who supported Barack Obama in 2008 said their celebration was markedly different from what they experienced four years ago, upon the historic election of the nation's first African-American president.

Obama's Win Powered By Organization, If Not Ideas

Bloopers and stumbles made the news this presidential campaign, but Barack Obama's re-election was powered by plans begun on the ground four years ago. Here's how he did it.


Black Voters Turned Out For Obama

African-American turnout is just as high as the record-breaking level seen four years ago. Obama is getting nearly as much support from this key constituency as he did last time around.

Tough Night For Self-Financed Senate Candidates

Republican Senate candidates Linda McMahon in Connecticut and Tom Smith in Pennsylvania spent a combined $56 million of their own money in losing efforts.