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The local Washington region continues to deal with the economic fallout from the federal shutdown. President Barack Obama nominated Janet Yellen to lead the Federal Reserve. A new documentary on concussions casts harsh light on the National Football League. It's Your Turn to set the agenda.


You've Got Shutdown Questions. We've Got Answers

Earlier this week, All Things Considered asked you to submit your questions about the shutdown, then assembled a crack team of NPR reporters to answer them. Find out what the government shutdown means for food safety, military pay and more.

The 'Faux Friday' Jobs Report: What Economists Can Guesstimate

With the federal government partially shut down there was no September jobs report Friday, leaving some economists suffering data withdrawal. But sorting through unofficial numbers, most economists are fairly sure the labor market continued its steady, modest growth last month, adding perhaps as many as 180,000 jobs.

It's Hard To Project Power Abroad With A Shutdown At Home

The White House has cancelled President Obama's trip to Asia, where he was planning to attend some major international summits. Instead, Kerry will attend these meetings while Obama deals with the government shutdown at home.

Republicans Pivot From Obamacare To Find Way Out Of Shutdown

Not long ago, the government shutdown was all about the Affordable Care Act, and Republicans' attempt to defund it. But in recent days, it seems to have become more about finding some way for House Speaker John Boehner to claim some sort of victory.

Obama's Lunchtime Message: Re-Open Everything, Or Nothing

Lunching at a sandwich shop hit hard by government furloughs, President Obama said he would veto any bills designed to reopen the government piecemeal.

The Week In Politics: Shutdown Edition

Melissa Block talks with regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and the Brookings Institution and David Brooks with The New York Times. They discuss the federal government shutdown, why it happened, what's happening now and what happens next.

Medical Device Tax Might Be Way To Get A Budget Passed

The health care law is partly funded by a tax on medical devices. Republicans and some Democrats from states with medical device companies want to repeal the tax. Leading Democrats say that's not happening if it's meant to scale back Obamacare. But the device tax could be an area of compromise later in a broader budget deal.

It's Not The First Time Brinksmanship Closed The Government

Day four of the government shutdown brings no signs of any progress in resolving the stalemate between Republicans and Democrats. It may be some small solace to know that this is by no means the first time the government has been largely closed because of disputes between Congress and the White House. In fact, by some accounts this is the 17th time that an impasse has shuttered federal agencies.

Obama's Lunch: Sandwich With A Side Of Shutdown Messaging

President Obama sought to turn an "impromptu" lunchtime stroll into a chance to neutralize a damaging shutdown quote from an administration official.