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Obama Trip Focuses On Keeping Virginia A Blue State

President Obama begins a two-day campaign swing through Virginia on Friday. He won the state handily four years ago. Since then, Republicans have rebounded in a series of elections, and the state will be among the most hotly-contested in November.

Romney's Bermuda Account Raises Questions

The Republican presidential candidate has been hit with questions about his overseas investments all week. Mitt Romney's American lawyer and government officials in Bermuda are steering clear of the subject. But experts say, if you had the money, you'd do it too.

Between Touchdowns And Triple Jumps, Politicians Are Popping Up On Sports TV

ESPN will sell ad time to candidates in local markets now instead of just nationally. And on NBC, the Olympics will be chock-full of political commercials.

Arizona Tea Party Activists Say They're Back

Tea Party conservatives say they have been re-energized by recent events in Washington, D.C. And far from the nation's capital, Arizona has become a rallying point for those who are focused on the election-year issues of immigration and health care.
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Gray Called On To Explain Shadow Campaign

D.C. Congressional Delegate Ellen Holmes Norton has added her voice to those asking Mayor Vincent Gray to explain the criminal conduct at the core of this 2010 campaign.


Government Filings Dispute Romney's Time At Bain

Mitt Romney and his campaign have deflected outsourcing charges by explaining that he had left Bain Capital before many of those decisions were made. But filings by the SEC and the state of Massachusetts show that Bain reported Romney as its CEO through 2002. He says he left the position in 1999.

Will Affordable Care Act Gain Popularity As It Ages?

Melissa Block speaks with political scientist Lawrence Jacobs of the University of Minnesota about the history of public opinion toward the extension of government social programs including Social Security and Medicare.

After Romney Is Booed, Biden Is Cheered At NAACP

A day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's controversial speech at the NAACP, Vice President Joe Biden took the stage.

Biden Says It, So Obama Doesn't Have To

President Obama appeared briefly via video Thursday before the nation's oldest civil rights group. But it was Vice President Biden who showed up in person to a raucous welcome at the NAACP convention. And in what might be a first for the verbose VP, he left them wanting more.