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Unusual Results Anticipated For Governors' Races

Voters in Virginia and New Jersey go to the polls Tuesday to pick their next governor. NPR's Scott Horsley joins host Arun Rath from Northern Virginia, where President Obama just held a rally for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor.

Va. Governor's Race: Nationally Significant Or Just Nasty?

Virginians go to the polls Tuesday to pick the man they dislike the least to be their new governor: longtime Clinton moneyman Terry McAuliffe or hardline Tea Party conservative Ken Cuccinelli.


McAuliffe Holds Lead In Va. Governor Contest

Tuesday's election is seen as a key off-year contest, and a test of strength for both parties leading up to the 2014 elections. But it's beginning to look like a rout. Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by as much as 12 points. The race appears to have turned into a referendum on Cuccinelli's conservative views.


Run For Coroner, No Medical Training Necessary

Depending on where you live, you might be able to vote for your local coroner this election season. About 1,600 counties across the U.S. still elect coroners, and that means candidates have to be popular before they can start signing death certificates.

How Is White House Handling HealthCare.gov Debacle?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius took to Capitol Hill this week to try and explain the botched rollout of the website that is central to implementation of the Affordable Care Act. And despite apologies and mea culpas, the Obama administration is dealing with new questions about its grasp of technology — and even about the president's veracity.
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D.C. Restores Reserves After Government Shutdown

The D.C. government is recovering most of the money it spent during the federal government shutdown.


Obama Ratings Sink As Trustworthiness Comes Into Question

The president is being accused of having misled the public about problems with his health care law — or having been misled himself. Either way, the president is taking political punches for not seeming on top of his own agenda.

3 Lessons For Future Presidents From Obamacare's Ills

The Affordable Care Act's early travails are yielding some lessons for future presidents and lawmakers. Here are three.

Appeals Court Sides With Employers On Covering Birth Control

A federal appeals court has sided with the Catholic owners of a business who fought a requirement in the 2010 health care law that employers provide insurance coverage for birth control. Federal courts have been split on the issue, which many expect to head to the Supreme Court.

GOP Establishment Digs Deep For Alabama Special Election

The GOP establishment's preferred candidate has an overwhelming cash advantage over the Tea Party favorite in Tuesday's Alabama special election.