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Supreme Court Weighs Easing Limits On Campaign Contributions

Campaign finance laws put a cap on the total amount that individuals can give to candidates or party committees. An Alabama businessman is challenging those limits, saying his inability to give to as many candidates as he wanted to infringed on his free speech.

By The Numbers: The Cost Of The Federal Government Shutdown

As the partial government shutdown continues into its eighth day, All Things Considered takes a look at what's been happening both in and out of Washington.

Obama: End Shutdown, Raise Debt Ceiling, Then We'll Talk

President Obama held a news conference at the White House Tuesday to urge Republicans to vote on a bill to reopen the government, saying it was time to focus on the next issue: raising the debt ceiling.

Shutdown Stalemate Continues In Dueling Press Conferences

House Republicans had a closed door meeting this morning, and emerged with the same talking point they've used all week: They just want to negotiate with the president. President Obama quickly gave his response: He will not negotiate over the government shutdown or the debt ceiling.

Sen. Warner On Why A Moderate Coalition Is Tough To Pull Off

Robert Siegel interviews Sen. Mark Warner (VA-D), about why it's so hard to pull together moderate Democratic and Republican senators together to try and come up with ideas for ending the government shutdown and to avoid government default.

House GOP's Latest Idea: A Fiscal Supercommittee, Sort Of

The latest House Republican plan is to propose a supercommittee to work out a deal that would reopen government and raise the debt ceiling.

Obama Calls Boehner To Say He'll Negotiate — Later

A discussion of Republicans' fiscal ideas will have to wait until the government shutdown is over and the federal debt ceiling has been raised, President Obama tells House Speaker John Boehner.

D.C. Bars And Restaurants Feel Shutdown Squeeze

D.C. bars and restaurants are getting nervous about just how long their customers will be furloughed — and how it might dent their bottom line.

Obama's Absence At Asia Summit Seen Hurting U.S. Trade

Many U.S. companies were hoping President Obama would be able to push for more open trade in Asia. But because of the U.S. government shutdown, he was a no show at the Asia-Pacific summit in Indonesia. The budget crisis in Washington is distracting from other trade initiatives as well, analysts say.
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Hundreds Arrested In Acts Of Civil Disobedience During Immigration Rally

With comprehensive immigration reform stalled in the House, immigration activists took to the National Mall to call for lasting change, and several were arrested, including congressmen.