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What's All This Malarkey About Malarkey?

Malarkey is "meaningless talk, nonsense." Vice President Biden said that's what GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was spreading. Where the word came from is a bit of a mystery.
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Analysis: Obama And Romney Head To Virginia, Prepare For Next Debate

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about Virginia and the latest polling numbers for Obama and Romney.


Casinos Not An Easy Bet For Local Governments

More jurisdictions are turning to gambling to plug budget holes, but some say the economic benefits are exaggerated.


White House Insiders On VP Debate

Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan butted heads over everything from Middle East policy to abortion. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks style and substance with two former speechwriters: Paul Orzulak, who helped Biden prepare for last night's debate, and columnist Mary Kate Cary, who worked with the George H.W. Bush administration.

Consumer Confidence Jumps To Pre-Recession Level, Survey Shows

The rise could spell good news for the economy if it means the crucial holiday shopping season will bring strong sales for retailers. It also might be an indicator of how voters will be feeling when they go to the polls.
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Efforts To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use

Voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington state weigh in on ballot initiatives that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Federal law, state initiatives and the ongoing debate over legalizing pot.

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Constitution Party Candidate Virgil Goode Makes Small Presence

Former Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode is on the presidential ballot as the Constitution Party candidate, but his name is barely making a splash.

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D.C. Council Member Jim Graham Violated Metro Code Of Conduct

An independent review has found that a D.C. council member violated the code of conduct of Washington's Metro transit system.

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Brown, Grosso Spar During At-Large Council Debate

Independent candidates for the at-large seat on the D.C. Council got personal during a debate that aired on News Channel 8's News Talk show Thursday.

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In Damascus, Residents Will Decide Whether To Stay 'Dry'

Will dry Damascus be dry no more? That question will be decided by voters in November when residents of the town vote on a referendum on alcohol sales.