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Transcript: President Obama's Address To The Nation On Syria

Transcript of President Obama's Sept. 10 speech on the situation in Syria.
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Timeline For Silver Spring Transit Center Repairs Under Dispute

The Silver Spring Transit Center has been a source of conflict for the last couple years, and now Montgomery County lawmakers are sparring over the timetable for repairs


Bipartisan Senators Support Delaying Vote On Syria Strike

President Obama, scheduled to address the nation from the White House on Tuesday evening, trekked to the Capitol in the afternoon to address the Democratic and Republican Senate luncheons.

Sen. Casey: Military Force Should Still Be An Option In Syria

Audie Cornish talks with Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, about the latest developments on U.S.-Syria policy.

Senate Waits On Possible Diplomatic Solution In Syria

The U.S. and its allies await details of Russia's proposal to place Syria's chemical weapons arsenal under UN supervision. Meanwhile, senior Obama administration officials are continuing to press for congressional approval of a potential military strike against the Bashar al-Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons in August.

A Viewer's Guide To Obama's Syria Speech

The president's prime-time speech Tuesday is probably his last, best chance to win support for his plan to launch a military strike against Syria.

Obama's Toughest Audience: His Die-Hard Supporters

They're struggling to reconcile the man they see presiding over the herky-jerky move to military action in Syria with the young anti-war senator they worked tirelessly to put in office. And they'll be watching his speech Tuesday night.

Tea Party Won't Let Congress Forget Obamacare Issues

Tea Party Patriots are making a push for Congress to defund the new health care law as part of debates over the budget and funding the federal government. On Capitol Hill Tuesday, Tea Party activists have scheduled an afternoon gathering to rally support for cutting off funding for the health law often referred to as Obamacare.

2 Democratic Senators Propose Alternate Plan For Syria

President Obama on Tuesday meets with Democratic senators to press his case for military action against Syria. Two moderate senators are offering an alternative plan. It would delay military action for 45 days, and give Bashar Assad another chance to get rid of his chemical weapons. Steve Inskeep talks to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota about the plan.

Obama Prepares For Speech On Syria

On Tuesday night, President Obama will address the nation — asking for support of his plan to punish the Syrian regime for a chemical weapons attack near Damascus last month. The president must deal with widespread skepticism about his plan.