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Foreign Policy Talk On Campaign Trail Mostly Hot Air

Robert Siegel talks with Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs, for a broad-ranging conversation about what President Obama's foreign policy priorities are likely to be going into his second term.

After Election Day Defeats, What's Next For GOP?

Melissa Block talks with Republican strategist Mark McKinnon about how the Republican Party moves forward, following its defeats on Tuesday. McKinnon has said that the GOP has a problem with its brand.

'Fiscal Cliff' Was Meant To Spur Compromise

Robert Siegel and Melissa Block examine what makes up the so-called "fiscal cliff."
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What's Ahead For The Republican Party (Rebroadcast)

In the wake of President Obama's victory, Republicans are questioning whether they're out of touch with an evolving American electorate. What's ahead for the GOP.

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The Politics Hour

U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) and D.C. Council member-elect Davis Grosso (I- At-Large) join us in the studio.


What Did The Billions The Campaigns Spent Buy?

Combined spending in the 2012 federal election cycle could top a record six billion dollars, according to a recent estimate. Guests also discuss how newly drawn districts altered the dynamics of several congressional races across the country, particularly in California.