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Moran Calling On Debt Ceiling To Be Abolished

Northern Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is calling for the debt ceiling to be abolished altogether.


Obama Calls On Congress To Act To Reduce Gun Violence

President Obama has signed into law 23 executive orders allowing federal agencies to strengthen the existing background check system and improve the tracking of stolen guns. But the big items like universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines will need congressional action.

Gun Makers Worry Revamped Laws Will Hurt Bottom Line

President Obama's gun control proposals pit the White House against the gun industry and its powerful lobbying groups. Some of the proposals — especially a ban on assault weapons — could take a bite out of gun makers' revenue.

White House Death Star Petition Wouldn't Pass New Threshold

In order to get an official response to your petition on the White House's We the People platform, you now need at least 100,000 signatures. Recent high-profile petitions haven't been all that serious.

Interior Secretary's Legacy Defined By Issues Of Oil

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the latest member of President Obama's Cabinet to announce his second-term departure, ran a department responsible for a half-billion acres of public land. But it's how he dealt with the oil industry and renewable energy issues that marked his tenure.

The Decades-Old Gun Ban That's Still On The Books

In 1986, Congress passed a ban on buying and selling machine guns made from then on — with the blessing of none other than the National Rifle Association. Gun law experts say the law was more significant than it seemed at the time.