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How To Make A Mayor Go Away: San Diego Weighs Filner Options

Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner continues to cling to his office, even as the City Council and activists devise plans to oust him.

California Upends School Funding To Give Poor Kids A Boost

In a new approach, California is sending billions more to districts that serve disadvantaged students. Now, those districts have to figure out what works best to improve achievement.
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D.C. Legislator Raises Money For Mayoral Run At Nantucket Fundraiser

Jack Evans, who represents Ward 2 on the D.C. Council, took in $40,000 at an early-August fundraiser on the island of Nantucket.


Amid Struggle For 'Soul' Of GOP, Libertarians Take Limelight

Tensions between the traditional wings of the Republican Party and its libertarians have been brewing for years. Leaks of government surveillance information have helped exacerbate the conflict, pushing forward libertarians' stance on civil liberties.

RNC Isn't Focusing On The Elephant In Its Ballroom

They talked about a Hillary Clinton documentary, how well they're raising money and their voter turnout plans. But Republican National Committee members meeting this week didn't directly address the most important issue facing the party: the need to broaden support without losing their base.

The RNC's Summer Challenge: Find New Voters

The Republican National Committee held its summer meeting in Boston this week. The party is in a period of self-examination as it comes to terms with demographic changes that potentially threaten its very existence. NPR's S.V. Date attended the meeting and speaks with host Scott Simon.

Immigration Reform Activists March To Calif. Farm Country

Bakersfield is conservative, with a large immigrant and farm labor population. Protesters are pushing the city's Republican congressman to adopt the Senate-passed immigration reform bill — and they've got the support of local Republican leaders.

N.J. Governor Gives Provisional OK to Medical Pot For Kids

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has approved a broad measure to ease restrictions on medical marijuana for chronically ill children, but he won't go as far as lawmakers would like.

In Rural N.C., New Voter ID Law Awakens Some Old Fears

Just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, North Carolina has a new law to require photo ID at the polls and to shorten early voting. Proponents say the law will stave off voter fraud. Opponents say it will effectively quash the vote of many poor minorities.

Republicans To CNN And NBC: No Debates For You

The GOP says upcoming film projects by the networks show "clear favoritism" toward potential Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. The networks say the films aren't even finished and have nothing to do with their campaign coverage. But Republicans say they won't debate on CNN or NBC.