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One Strategy For A GOP Overhaul? Follow The Democrats' Example

Following November's losses, there's wide agreement among Republicans that the party has to change. A former George W. Bush speechwriter says one model to study is how the Democrats bounced back after a similar political exile in the late 1980s.

Despite Sequester, Government Shutdown Remains Unlikely

The long-feared automatic spending cuts are set to start late Friday, and now Congress must deal with another deadline at the end of this month. Tamara Keith talks to Melissa Block about what happens next.

Obama Says He Can't Force A Budget Deal: 'I'm Not A Dictator'

Congress failed to reach an agreement on the spending cuts known as the sequester — and now they are out of time. On Friday morning, Congressional leaders from both parties met at the White House. Afterward, House Speaker John Boehner made it clear that Republicans won't budge on taxes.

Media Circus: Ah, The President's Mean

The White House-Woodward spat is part of a longer story about the professional life of one of America's most famous journalists.