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Who 'Owns' The Bush Tax Cuts?

Democrats opposed the Bush tax cuts in the early 2000s. But now President Obama is calling for a second extension of the cuts for some Americans, and Republicans are lining up in opposition. So whose tax cut is it anyway?

Court Gives States Ammunition In Health Care Battle

The Supreme Court's health ruling limited the federal government's power to withhold funding if states don't meet certain requirements. But it didn't draw a clear line between the types of financial conditions that are OK and those unfair to states. That's likely to lead to lawsuits.

Op-Ed: Now's The Time For A Candid Candidate

Politicians, in general, aren't known for honesty. But in an op-ed in the Washington Post, Kathleen Hall Jamieson argues that voters, nervous about the economy and wary after hearing promise after promise things will get better, are ready to hear "hard truths" from President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Romney Raised $106 Million In June; Obama Raised $71 Million

For the second month in a row, the Republican challenger and his party brought in more than the president and his fellow Democrats.

Sit And Talk Awhile: Filmmaker Chronicles The Personal Side Of Politics

When filmmaker Julie Winokur's son called her the most intolerant person he knew, she set out to prove him wrong. She's traveling the country with a star-spangled tablecloth, a camera and an invitation for people to sit awhile and share their political beliefs.
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Analysis: Republicans Propose D.C. Abortion Bill; Thaddeus McCotter Resigns

Republicans seek to favor their political base with the proposal of a controversial abortion bill for the District. Meanwhile, over Congress's recess, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) resigned from office.

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D.C. Hopes To Lure Tech Investment With Capital Gains Tax Cut

D.C. is thinking of giving tax breaks to people who invest in local tech firms, but some advocates are questioning whether wealthy investors really need the incentives.


The Green Party Makes Its Case As A Left-Leaning Alternative To Obama

The Green Party, which is perhaps best known for its former presidential candidate Ralph Nader and the role he may have played in determining the 2000 election, holds its 2012 nominating convention on July 14 in Baltimore.