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Virginia Lawmakers Conspicuously Silent In Gun Debate

In the wake of two deadly shooting in the last several weeks, many lawmakers on Capitol Hill are refusing to even have the conversation about changing U.S. gun laws.


Convention List Grows: Carter (By Video) At Democrats'; Santorum At GOP's

Former President Jimmy Carter will speak, by video at least, at the Democratic National Convention to urge a second term for President Obama. Meanwhile, Republicans announced that Rick Santorum, who was Mitt Romney's most durable rival for the presidential nomination, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will speak at their convention.

On The Trail, A Campaign's Style Can Reveal A Lot About Substance

While President Obama and Mitt Romney offer competing visions every day on the campaign trail, there's also a more superficial aspect to their campaigns. And from theme songs to crowd chants, the style of the presidential candidates' rallies couldn't be more different.

IRS Caught Between Parties On Tax-Exempt Groups

One of the biggest players in contested Senate races this year has been Crossroads GPS, a social welfare non-profit group that can conceal the names of its donors. Now, top GOP senators are telling the IRS to back off new rules that could make it harder for groups like Crossroads to operate.

Romney Attacks President On Welfare; Obama Team Alleges Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney's campaign charged President Obama with weakening work requirements for welfare recipients by offering waivers to the law. But Obama's campaign says that, as Massachusetts governor, Romney requested waivers as well.