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Race To Stop 'Revenge Porn' Raises Free Speech Worries

More than a dozen states are considering bills that would criminalize the online posting of sexually explicit photos or videos without the subject's consent. But First Amendment experts urge caution.

Democrats Help Block Nominee For DOJ's Top Civil Rights Job

The nomination of Debo Adegbile, a civil rights lawyer who helped handle the appeal of a cop killer, forced Democrats to choose between infuriating law enforcement groups or angering minority voters.

New England Governors Back Obama's Minimum Wage Hike Plan

Obama took his push for a higher national minimum wage to Connecticut. The message was welcomed by the governors he appeared with, but back in Washington there isn't much political momentum.

Government Printing Office Is Churning Out Less Paper

The government is saving money by offering more online services. But some worry that seniors and other without access to the Internet are being left behind.

Selling Health Care To California's Latinos Got Lost In Translation

Certain sales strategies work well with American Latinos. California's insurance exchange didn't try any of them when advertising coverage with the Affordable Care Act.

Bill Clinton, Party-Builder In Chief

The former president's political portfolio is in keeping with his longstanding efforts to build the Democratic Party into a more powerful organizational force.

My Brother's Keeper In The Community: Hopes And Aims At Ground Level

President Obama's new initiative, My Brother's Keeper, aims to ease disparities faced by young men of color in the U.S. Malik Washington of the William Kellibrew Foundation explains what's needed to make it successful.
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In Choosing Leader, Virginia Democrats Fight Over Same-Sex Marriage

The appointment of Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones to head the state Democratic party has drawn criticism because of his opposition to same-sex marriage.


Senate Democrats Defect On Obama Civil Rights Nominee

The clash over attorney Debo Adegbile's Justice Dept. nomination pitted powerful law enforcement interests against the civil rights community.

With Waste Dump Closed, Where To Put Nuclear Leftovers?

Workers are about to re-enter a New Mexico waste dump that was hit by a recent accident. The incident is shaping up to be yet another setback in the quest to find a home for America's nuclear waste.