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Saudis Postpone 2nd Round Of Public Flogging For Jailed Blogger Raif Badawi

A doctor who examined Badawi found his wounds from last Friday's public flogging hadn't healed and he would be unable to withstand another round. The punishment could be carried out next Friday.
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Northam Makes The Best Of Being Virginia's Second-In-Command

Virginia's Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam plays a key role in presiding over the state Senate, which graveled into session this week. So what's it like to play second fiddle to His Excellency, the governor? We decided to take a look behind the scenes.

Obama Urges Congress To Make Paid Sick Leave Mandatory

President Obama says employers should offer more generous leave policies, including paid sick leave for the 43 million American workers who don't have it. Obama is urging Congress to require that.

New Texas Governor Adds To Tension Between State, City Governments

There's growing tension between the state government and big cities in Texas. Republicans in the statehouse are chaffing at moves by municipal governments in large cities and are crying foul.
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O'Malley, Brown Address Maryland General Assembly For The Last Time

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown addressed the General Assembly for the final time Thursday.
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Q&A: Eleanor Holmes Norton On D.C. Home Rule

Eleanor Holmes Norton has been the District's only voice in Congress for the past 24 years.
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Veteran Virginia Lawmaker Toddy Puller To Retire

Toddy Puller was first elected to Virginia's House of Delegates in 1992, and moved to the state senate in 1999. Now Puller says she is stepping aside.

Conservative Koch Brothers' Group Puts Congressional GOP On Notice

Americans for Prosperity set out its own agenda for congressional Republicans, including a call to build the Keystone XL pipeline and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

White House Starts Chipping Away At U.S. Embargo On Cuba

The Obama administration is following through on its pledge to ease travel and trade restrictions on Cuba. The Treasury and Commerce Departments say the new rules they have just issued go into effect on Friday. Critics of the administration, though, are questioning the legality of the moves.

Senate Republicans Move To Block Further Transfers From Gitmo

As part of a renewed push by the Obama administration to empty the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the transfer of five more detainees to other countries was announced on Wednesday night. All five are citizens of Yemen, where the local branch of al-Qaida is claiming responsibility for last week's attacks in Paris. Senior Republican senators introduced legislation this week blocking such transfers. They say releasing the prisoners lets them return to the battlefield.