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Donald Trump Officially Wins GOP Nomination

Trump is now the Republican Party's nominee for president after the votes of the delegates were counted at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

GOP Delegates Begin Roll Call Vote To Officially Nominate Donald Trump

A roll call vote of states is underway at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to officially name the GOP nominee. After a dramatic primary season, the party will formally nominate Trump.

Nomination Process Underway At GOP Convention In Cleveland

Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland begin the nomination process to officially name Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president.
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LISTEN: Inside The GOP Convention, From The View Of A Blue-State Delegate

What's it like to represent a solidly Democratic state at the Republican National Convention? Maryland has 38 delegates in Cleveland, and WAMU 88.5's Jonathan Wilson spoke Tuesday with one of them: Don Murphy, an at-large delegate from Catonsville.


Republicans Officially Nominate Donald Trump For President

Trump's son, Donald Jr., cast his state's 89 delegates for his father as the Quicken Loans Arena erupted in cheers and the convention band began playing "New York, New York."

Stephen Colbert Revives Right-Wing Persona To Mark Start Of GOP Convention

Stephen Colbert resurrected his Colbert Report conservative buffoon character Monday night for the opening night of the Republican National Convention. The move highlights what Colbert's been missing since he took the helm of The Late Show.

Melania Trump Echoes Michelle Obama In Convention Speech

The Trump campaign is dismissing the plagiarism controversy surrounding Melania Trump's convention speech.

Vendors Selling Trump Merchandise Line Streets Of Cleveland

The streets of Cleveland are full of vendors selling Trump hats and t-shirts. NPR looks into whether the vendors are committed fans of the presumptive GOP nominee or just trying to make a buck.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson To Deliver Message Of Unity At Convention

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, on the second day of the Republican National Convention.

GOP Delegates Prepare To Seal The Deal For Donald Trump

On day two of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, delegates will officially name Donald Trump as their nominee for president.