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Two Ways President Obama Could Act On Immigration

The Obama administration is considering executive action on immigration, and it could come within weeks.

To Resolve Feud Over Fracking, Colo. Democrats Turn To Plan C

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper has declared a compromise to avert a fight over oil and gas drilling. It's meant to solve fracking-related disputes, but it also serves Democrats' political interests.
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What Happens If DC Legalizes Marijuana?

This November, Washington voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana in the District. Kojo explores how Colorado and Washington state have fared since they legalized marijuana in 2012.


As U.S. Strikes Targets In Iraq, A Sense Of Deja Vu

On Thursday, President Obama became the fourth U.S. president in a row to initiate military strikes in Iraq. NPR's Arun Rath reflects on 23 years of on and off airstrikes in the country.

Obama: Iraq Must Have Legitimate Government To Combat Insurgency

Speaking at the White House, the president says the humanitarian and military problems in the country are "a long-term project."

Perry And Cruz Do The Presidential Candidacy Dance

At RedState's convention Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried to capture the attention of GOP voters, but they two-stepped around the question of whether they will run in 2016.

Pondering Watergate's Impact On Nixon Anniversary

Forty years ago Saturday, President Nixon resigned from office. Leonard Downie Jr. was an editor at The Washington Post at the time, and reflects on the reporting that led to Nixon's downfall.

A Top Immigration Judge Calls For Shift On 'Fast-Tracking'

A call to stop fast-tracking deportation hearings of unaccompanied minors comes from an unusual source: a judge who says the current practice could lead to many appeals.
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Death Of James Brady, Former White House Press Secretary, Ruled A Homicide

Brady, who suffered a bullet wound to his head in an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, died earlier this week. The ruling by the Virginia's Office of the Chief Medical examiner means the shooter, John W. Hinckley, could face new criminal charges.
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Analyst: Ex-Exec's Testimony Attempts To Humanize Jonnie Williams

In the ongoing corruption trial of Bob McDonnell and wife Maureen, a close associate to businessman Jonnie Williams is adding dimension to the relationship between him and the former governor.