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Discovery Channel Finds A New Way To Cover Politics

The reality series Rival Survival sends 2 senators to a desert island. Republican Jeff Flake of Ariz. and Democrat Martin Heinrich of N.M. work together to spear fish, build shelter and find water.
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Obama's ISIS Plan Divides An Already Divided Congress

This hyperpartisan Congress just got a little more fractured—only this time it isn't breaking along party lines. President Obama’s announcement that he's going to bomb the Islamic State is giving him some new Republican partners from the region on Capitol Hill, while also causing headaches for many in his own party.

Changing Tack, GOP Candidates Support Better Access To Birth Control

A string of Republican Senate candidates are getting behind over-the-counter birth control, a move that could draw women voters.

Expanding ISIS Fight Scrambles GOP Plan To Extend Budget And Get Out

House Republicans were hoping for a smooth two weeks before hitting the campaign trial, but a request to arm Syrian rebels has muddled that, as well as the one bill that must pass before they leave.

A Promise Fulfilled Upends Kansas Governor's Race

GOP Gov. Sam Brownback is losing support from his own party because his tax-cutting agenda contributed to the state's budget problem. Moderate Republicans are turning to the Democratic opponent.

Congress Generally Supportive Of Action Against ISIS

President Obama's request for congressional authorization to help Syrian rebels fight Islamic State militants has thrown a wrench into what was supposed to have been a quiet two weeks on Capitol Hill.

Rand Paul: U.S. Must Be More Realistic In Foreign Policy Approach

The Senate Republican from Kentucky responds to President Obama's strategy for fighting the Islamic State, saying the commander-in-chief is "going about it in the wrong way."

Boehner: House GOP 'Ready To Work With The President'

The House speaker said Congress "ought to give the president what he's asking for" but also expressed skepticism, saying the White House plan to defeat Islamic State militants doesn't go far enough.

Missouri Lawmakers Override Vetoes On Abortion, Guns

The state is set to expand gun rights and establish a 72-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions after lawmakers overruled vetoes by Gov. Jay Nixon.

WATCH: Carney, McCain Spar On CNN Over ISIS Strategy

The former White House press secretary went toe to toe with the Republican senator after President Obama's address to the nation about the Islamic State.