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Analysis: Stop Calling Federal Employees 'Nonessential'

As the government shutdown progresses, federal employees have taken to being placed into "essential" and "nonessential" categories. Max Stier of the Partnership for Public Service explains why this is a mistake.

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As Shutdown Drags On, Furloughed Workers Feeling The Financial Pinch

Some 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed during the government shutdown, and the prospect about an extended standoff between Democrats and Republicans has them worried about paying the bills.

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Federal Workers Worry About Furloughs, Firings

Thousands of people in the region are bracing for the billions of dollars that are slated to be cut from the federal government on March 1.

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WAMU 88.5’s The Big Fix teams listeners with policy experts to debate solutions to big problems

WAMU 88.5 today announced the debut of The Big Fix, a program that allows citizens to propose innovative ideas to solve the nation’s biggest problems. Hosted by Al Lewis, The Big Fix will air in five pilot programs at 4 p.m., ET, on Saturdays, beginning Dec. 15.

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From South Africa To West Texas: Local Family Blends Multiple Traditions

We'll meet a local family that's blending Indian, South African and Texas traditions, and learning to appreciate the past in new ways.

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Friday Night Lights: Family Keeps Sabbath In 21st-Century Way

Ann Sablosky and Stephen Rockower have found a decidedly high-tech way to preserve their family's religious traditions even as their children have moved to far-flung corners of the globe.

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Local Couple Pursues Parenting Dream Overseas

When Crystal Travis decided to start a family, she chose to use a surrogate who lived halfway around the world in India. Now she's helping other families pursue similar paths.

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International Adoptions

Russia's move to ban American adoptions of Russian children forces international diplomacy into the lives of some families. Kojo explores the challenges of inter-country adoption.

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Dreamers Ditch Day Jobs To Pursue Their Passions

We hear the stories of two Washingtonians who, despite the economy's continued sluggishness, decided to give up good jobs to pursue their dream gigs.

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Washingtonians Divulge Tales Of Falling In Love

We talk with local couples about the moment they felt the first stirrings of love for their significant other.