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Kodak To Revive Storied Super 8 Camera

Kodak is reviving its storied Super 8 camera as a digital-analog hybrid. NPR talks about what made the 8 mm film format such an appealing one, what its return might mean, and whether this relaunch can be successful for Kodak.

'I Do Like To Stare': Catherine Opie On Her Portraits Of Modern America

The photographer has spent her career documenting all kinds of American identities. Her work tackles everything from parenthood and aging, to Elizabeth Taylor and San Francisco's S&M community.

National Park Service Launches Search For Next Ansel Adams

The National Park Service is hiring a full-time photographer to document the country's natural landscapes. NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Rich O'Connor of the National Park Service photography program about the position, which some are comparing to the job held by Ansel Adams in the 1940s.

Meet 'The Tenth,' A Slick New Magazine For Queer Black Men

Now on its third issue, The Tenth wants the fashion industry to stop seeing queer blacks folks as "the flavor of the month."
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Parents Photograph The Experience Of Hunger And Poverty For New Exhibit

A new exhibit called "Witnesses to Hunger" focuses on the voices and photography of parents facing the challenge of hunger in many cities — including the nation's capital.


A Photographer Captures Extraordinary Moments Of Everyday Indian Life

Photographer Steve McCurry — he took the famous Afghan girl portrait for National Geographic — shares scenes from across the subcontinent in his new book.

In 'Heirloom Harvest,' Old-School Portraits Of Vegetable Treasures

A leading expert of the daguerreotype started photographing a gardener's collection of heirloom vegetables 15 years ago. They've published a book to honor the unusual varieties in the collection.

The Sad, Happy Life Of Harry Whittier Frees

An early pioneer in American pet photography, Frees died in poverty and obscurity.

It's Hard To Say What African Design Is, But It Sure Is Stunning

"Making Africa" at the Guggenheim Bilbao has dazzling portraits, strange videos and weird-looking glasses.

Prepare For Takeoff: Smithsonian Celebrates The Art Of The Airport Tower

Photographer Carolyn Russo says these beacons of the landscape serve as "cultural greeters." Her dramatic photographs are on display at the Air and Space museum in Washington, D.C.