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The Death Of The Tangible Is Nigh! (Or Is It?) Share Your Photos Taken On Film

If camera stores are closing — and Kodak may be next — where does that leave photographers?

Photojournalist Eve Arnold Dies At 99

She captured the ordinary and the extraordinary — but to her, they were all just people in front of the lens.

Photographer Eve Arnold Dies At 99

Robert Siegel talks to Brigitte Lardinois, associate director photography at the University of the Arts in London, about the late photographer Eve Arnold whose work captured the lives of the rich and famous — and the down and out. Arnold died Wednesday at 99.

Once A Blockbuster Video, Now A Campaign Headquarters

You might expect grandeur from a political campaign, but here's what they really look like.

Snow-Wash: North Korea Doctored Photo Of Kim's Funeral

The North Korean Central News Agency apparently deployed its latest weapon — Photoshop — to digitally remove a small group of mourners from the left edge of the funeral photo. The people watching Wednesday's procession were replaced by pristine snow.

The Big Legacy Of Charles 'Teenie' Harris, Photographer

He's a name you may not know, but he documented a part of American history that can't be forgotten.