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At 75, 'Life' Revisits Its First Cover Story

A hefty anniversary book looks back at the best of Life, including its controversial cover story.

Food For Thought: Chefs Pick Their Last Meal On Earth

If you had to pick one last thing to eat, what would it be? Here's how a few chefs responded.

Phone Cameras Challenge Point-And-Shoot Compacts

The cameras in many new smartphones are becoming so good that they may spell trouble for the average point-and-shoot camera. And in addition to the convenience of carrying one device, they've also streamlined photo sharing.

Travel Photography: An Eastward Eye

Can you tell where or when these photos were taken? Hint: They're not that old.

Photos Show Sheer Scale Of Shark Fin Trade

Some 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. Despite increased public awareness, large-scale operations are still open for business in many countries, new images show.

Post Your Pictures, Then Take A Walk Through History

The website Historypin is like a photographic trip down memory lane.