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Dear Photograph: New-Age Nostalgia

A website invites readers to submit photos of photos — images from the past, set in the present.

Faas Protege Remembers Legendary Photographer

Melissa Block talks to Hal Buell about the life and legacy of Horst Faas, a Vietnam War photographer. Fass died Thursday at the age of 79. Buell used to work with Faas at the Associated Press.

If You Don't Know The Name Horst Faas, Look At This

You don't have to know anything about him, or even the Vietnam War, to be stirred by the power of his photos.

The Visual South, Part III: Tourist Towns

Photographer Tammy Mercure has a humorous take on everything the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer — in case natural beauty isn't enough.

The Visual South, Part II: Photography Is Like Chicken

To extend the cooking analogy, Frank Hamrick's photos are like a long, slow roast.

The Visual South, Part I: Unseen Scenes Of Guantanamo

North Carolina photographer Christopher Sims has been to Guantanamo Bay twice to capture the things he thinks are overlooked.