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Food For Thought: Chefs Pick Their Last Meal On Earth

If you had to pick one last thing to eat, what would it be? Here's how a few chefs responded.

Phone Cameras Challenge Point-And-Shoot Compacts

The cameras in many new smartphones are becoming so good that they may spell trouble for the average point-and-shoot camera. And in addition to the convenience of carrying one device, they've also streamlined photo sharing.

Travel Photography: An Eastward Eye

Can you tell where or when these photos were taken? Hint: They're not that old.

Photos Show Sheer Scale Of Shark Fin Trade

Some 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. Despite increased public awareness, large-scale operations are still open for business in many countries, new images show.

Post Your Pictures, Then Take A Walk Through History

The website Historypin is like a photographic trip down memory lane.

New Camera Focuses Shot After It's Taken

Autofocus cameras hit the stores back in the 1970s, making it dramatically simpler for the average consumer to get a good shot. Later, the digital camera made it possible for just about anyone to process their own pictures at home on a computer. Now comes a camera that could represent another kind of photography revolution: the light field camera. Take the picture, but focus it afterward. Robert Siegel speaks with Lytro founder Ren Ng about the new light field camera that his company is producing.