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An Illustrated Guide To Weirdly Wonderful Florida

Reporter's Notebook: Back from election coverage in Florida, NPR photographer Becky Lettenberger shares her thoughts.

A Lens On Life In The Kentucky Hollows

Some love it; some hate it: How one photographer has captured a portion of the South for almost four decades.

One Man's Quest To Capture America's Endangered Zoo Animals (With A Camera)

For Joel Sartore, it's a race against the clock to photograph as many animals as he can — before it's too late.

If You Teach A Man To Photograph: Haiti, As Seen By Haitians

It's been two years since Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. You've seen plenty of photos taken by foreigners, but how many photos by actual Haitians have you seen?

A Digital Death? Why Kodak Stopped Clicking

Kodak developed the first, 13-pound digital camera in 1975. But it was never really able to capitalize on the product it had invented and its digital strategy was a bust, analysts say. Now, it's trying to sell thousands of patents for the technology behind digital photography to stave off bankruptcy.