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A Teenager's Photo That Helped Inspire Libya's Revolutionaries

Teenager Zehra Tajouri's photo of her sister holding a defaced Libyan flag, taken on the first day of the uprising last February, became an online symbol of the Libyan revolution.

Sept. 11 Through The Eyes Of VII, Magnum And Life

Some of the most arresting images from Sept. 11 were collected by Life magazine, Magnum and VII.

For Veterans, The Tough Climb Back To Civilian Life

Countless military personnel return from war each year with invisible wounds like post-traumatic stress disorder. A program in Colorado Springs is helping those individuals reintegrate into civilian life.

A Beautiful View, But Still A Battle Zone

For U.S. troops in eastern Afghanistan, the mountain view from Observation Post Mustang comes with a cost. The area is used by insurgent fighters as an infiltration and smuggling route from Pakistan. The post provides a position to keep watch on other U.S. bases in the valley below.
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Photography Exhibit Takes Students Behind Closed Doors

Students at a D.C. high school used documentary photography to make changes at their school, and now their work is on display.