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A Glimpse Behind Bars: Juveniles In The Justice System

In the confines of jail cells, a veteran photographer documents children's experiences. He snaps pictures without revealing his subjects' faces, aiming to "give them a voice."

Film Noir: Weegee Was His Name; Murder Was His Game

He went by Weegee — as in ouija — because in the 1930s and '40s, the prescient photographer and his camera were often the first to show up at crime scenes.

An Illustrated Guide To Weirdly Wonderful Florida

Reporter's Notebook: Back from election coverage in Florida, NPR photographer Becky Lettenberger shares her thoughts.

A Lens On Life In The Kentucky Hollows

Some love it; some hate it: How one photographer has captured a portion of the South for almost four decades.

One Man's Quest To Capture America's Endangered Zoo Animals (With A Camera)

For Joel Sartore, it's a race against the clock to photograph as many animals as he can — before it's too late.