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Midnight In The Garden Of Long Exposures

For one of these night photographs to turn out, the stars have to align — almost literally.

4 Things To Expect In Obama's State Of The Union Address

Look for more of what President Obama exhibited three weeks ago at his inaugural address: a challenge to Congressional Republicans, and a focus on the economy, immigration, gun control and climate change.

A Supreme Court Justice Gets Personal: Sotomayor's Family Photos

Diabetes, divorce, and liver and onions: Sonia Sotomayor shares her best and worst memories — along with family photos — in an intimate interactive feature.

Haiti Then And Now: 3 Years After The Earthquake

Evidence of loss remains even three years after a massive earthquake claimed the lives of as many as 200,000 people in Haiti. One of the first photojournalists to capture the grim aftermath of the quake, NPR's David Gilkey traveled back to Haiti to revisit images he originally took in 2010.

White House Photographers Describe Documenting The President

Hundreds of reporters and news organizations cover the president's trips and speeches. Few people are given as much access as the White House photographers who capture the presidency through photographs.