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The Power Of Flower Photos

These flowers are more than just pretty. They tell a story of life, death and friendship.

A Glimpse Of Daily Life In Afghanistan

Headlines of war and political crises usually occupy the news out of Afghanistan. But beyond all that, ordinary life goes on.

Your 'Food Porn' Verdict? Keep The Photos Coming

In our poll on food photos on social media, 45 percent of respondents said that they like the photos and don't think the "culinary paparazzi" has gone too far. Still, some 28 percent of respondents said they're fed up.

Live From Mount Everest: A Blog!

For better or worse, you can now experience an Everest climb as it unfolds — almost in real time — from the comfort of your electronic device.

Bicycle Portraits: What Do Bikes Say About A Culture?

It might sound cliched, but in South Africa, fewer people bike than you might think. Two guys with cameras want to change that.

Poll: Are Your Friends Bombarding You With 'Food Porn'?

A recent parody on YouTube by musical comedians suggests that the amateur "culinary paparazzi" is out of control. We want to know what you think.