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New Exhibit Remembers Shakespeare's Silent Soirée

Forget the Merry Wives of Windsor, NPR's Scott Simon recalls a time when Shakespeare spent the night with a groupie.

'Invisible Thread' Is More Than A Musical About Uganda

Based on co-writer Griffin Matthews' experiences in the country, Invisible Thread explores the connection between an American gay couple and a group of Ugandan orphans.

Boston Museum Exhibit Celebrates Legacy Of Black Mountain College

Black Mountain College was only open for 24 years, but it helped foment the work of several artists, musicians, dancers and filmmakers, including John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Cy Twombly. Now it's the subject of the first major museum retrospective at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art.

Nonprofit Roundabout Is A Regional Theater Right On Broadway

For 50 years the Roundabout has survived by presenting revivals of plays and musicals that other theaters won't. Though rates are meager, it still manages to attract major stars for its productions.
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James Kaplan: "Sinatra: The Chairman"

Frank Sinatra was one of the top entertainers of the 20th century. A new biography on the many sides of "Ol Blue Eyes" – his singing career, Rat Pack exploits and legacy in American culture.


The Queen Of Swing Takes Old Age In Stride

At 95, Norma Miller is the last living member of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, the pioneering group that helped popularize swing dancing. These days, though, she's swapped dance floors for a standup's mic.

If Twyla Tharp Is Dracula, Dance Is Her Lifeblood

Since her 20s, the dancer and choreographer has been rewriting the rules for what dance can be. Now she's on her 50th anniversary tour, premiering new works with longtime collaborators.

Salad-Making Is Performance Art At The Getty In Los Angeles

Brooklyn photographer and writer Julia Sherman first established salad as a serious medium with her Salad for President blog. Now she's making salad with artists from around the country at the Getty.

George Takei Debuts On Broadway In 'Allegiance'

Inspired by Takei's own childhood experiences, the musical spotlights a dark era in American history: The internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Lea Salonga's Big Break(out): An Allergy Attack At The Audition

Tony Award winner Lea Salonga has long been a star on stage and screen. But she learned her grit and confidence years earlier — when she overcame allergy (and dog) attacks to win the role of Annie.