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Baseball's Arms Race: The Price Of All Those Fast Pitches

Too many pitchers are throwing too hard for the human body to bear, commentator Frank Deford says. What makes these injuries unique is that the players are doing it to themselves.

This Thanksgiving, Listen To (And Interview) Your Elders

StoryCorps has an assignment as generations gather this Thanksgiving: Document the stories and voices of a grandparent or elder.

Football, Notre Dame And Winning 'For The Gipper'

Commentator Frank Deford marks the 75th anniversary of the college football movie Knute Rockne, All-American, which included a famous phrase, uttered by the movie's star, Ronald Reagan.

Why Women's Sports Get So Little Attention

As the WNBA finals approach, NPR commentator Frank Deford explains why — Serena Williams aside — women's professional sports are not as popular as men's.

Too Many Sports Columnists Being Cut From The Team

Baseball used to be a newspaper game, says commentator Frank Deford. Now, sports are equal parts television and fantasy.

Keeping Loved Ones' Holiday Recipes Alive, Long After They've Left The Table

NPR's Marc Silver lost his mother-in-law in 2005. But she remains a presence at family meals this Jewish holiday season, through his dogged trial-and-error attempts to re-create her favorite treats.

Pope Francis Inspires Black Catholics, Despite Complicated Church History On Race

The arrival of Pope Francis has triggered discussions of the Catholic Church's historic treatment of the African-American faithful, and has sparked hopes for a better future.

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Stephen Breyer: "The Court And The World: American Law And The New Global Realities"

A conversation with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer: his reflections on recent decisions and why he believes the U.S. Supreme Court needs to be more global in its perspective.


Spending Public Money On Sports Stadiums Is Bad Business

Municipalities all over the country keep forking over money for new football stadiums, and sports commentator Frank Deford finds it outrageous "because football stadiums are the worst excesses."

Why A White Poet Posed As Asian To Get Published, And What's Wrong With That

A white man called Michael Derrick Hudson used the name Yi-Fen Chou as a strategy to get published. Ken Chen of the Asian American Writers' Workshop in New York says the writer wanted to be "special."