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What's The Score On Spirited Sports Banter At Bars?

Sports commentator Frank Deford wants to know: When did we stop arguing about sports in the time-honored bar-stool fashion?

Vintage Sounds: The Whirs And Clicks Of Film Cameras

In the first installment of the series "Vintage Sounds," we hear from listeners who tell us stories about the vanishing sounds of cameras.

Does America Need A Strong Dollar Policy?

Is a strong dollar good or overrated as a policy goal? Financial experts face off over what's in your wallet, in the latest Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.

Op-Ed: College Basketball Has Lost The Madness

"Long before now, basketball lost its way." That's the argument longtime sports columnist Dave Kindred makes in a Washington Post op-ed. He says that the epic stories of college basketball greatness that gave March Madness its name have dwindled.

Yogurt For Men: A Review

A company called Powerful Yogurt is now selling what it calls "the first yogurt in the U.S. designed for a man's health and nutrition needs." The Sandwich Monday gang gives it a very manly taste test.

'Ginger & Rosa': Life And Times In Cold War London

Cold War tensions and the sexual revolution artfully frame Sally Potter's thoughtful historical drama Ginger & Rosa. With plenty of room for its two young leads to stretch, the film takes a careful look at coming-of-age crises in a time of epic change.

Week In Politics: CPAC, Budget Negotiations, Pope Francis

Audie Cornish talks to regular political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times. They discuss the Conservative Political Action Conference, budget negotiations and the new pope.

A 'Good Enough' Dad And His Special Son

Tim Harris had wanted to open a restaurant for as long as he could remember. In 2004, with help from his father, Tim, who has Down syndrome, opened Tim's Place in Albuquerque, N.M. He calls it the world's friendliest restaurant, and doles out hugs to customers six days a week.