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It's A Coin Toss: Presidential Speech Or Football?

Frank Deford wonders about the state of the nation when its citizens think a football game is more important than the president's economic address.

Tiny Gems: Irish Stories That Sparkle And Charm

The sound of the sea, the smell of rain — what makes Ireland such a magical place? Maybe its writers like Claire Keegan who tease the nuance and grace out of everyday interactions. Author Keith Donohue says each of Keegan's stories is a morsel worth savoring.

Maryland Debuts New Uniform And The Country Cringes

In the season opener, the Terrapins beat the Miami Hurricanes. But nobody is talking about the game.


'Housewives' Death Not Unprecedented

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns for a second season tonight on Bravo. This was in doubt because one of the people on the show — the estranged husband of one of the housewives — recently committed suicide. Bravo has re-edited the first few episodes to take him out. But this isn't going to prompt the reality TV industry to take a hard look at its practices.

In A High, Snowy World, A Quest For Self-Discovery

Author Marc Kaufman recommends this tale of an explorer on the hunt for a rare animal — and something more. The Snow Leopard shows that while we can't always find what we're looking for, we still get what we need.

How To Pack Up A Neighborhood, Cumin Included

For commentator Sandip Roy, his niece's departure for college on another continent brings a level of unexpected poignancy. In this essay, he counsels her on how to say goodbye to her Indian neighborhood — while leaving room for the memories that make her community a home.

The Effect Of An Absent Clause On Dr. King's Cause

There are hazards in paraphrasing important quotes, as poet Maya Angelou pointed out when she criticized the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall. Excerpts are often reduced to clips, bites and tweets, and quotes get transformed to fit — or get attention. But this is not new.

Cheney: I'd Still Like To Know Why Palin Quit As Governor

"I've never gotten around the question of her having left the governorship of Alaska in mid-term," former Vice President Dick Cheney said today when asked about fellow Republican Sarah Palin and her suitability for national office.