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Consider This With Fred Fiske: What Happened To Ties?

This week, Fiske considers changes to men's fashion and the general trend toward more casual, informal dress and an embrace of the "scruffy look."

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Commentary By John DeGioia: Don't Cut Federal Student Aid

As members of Congress continue to negotiate a budget compromise, lawmakers are considering a wide range of potential cuts. But Georgetown University President John DeGioia is urging Congress not to cut federal funding for student financial aid.

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Consider This With Fred Fiske: The Use Of Closed-Circuit Cameras

Fiske supports the use cameras for fighting crime and protecting the public, even if it means getting a ticket with a picture of his car running a red light in the mail.

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Consider This, With Fred Fiske: Looming Food Crisis

This week, Fred considers threats to the global food supply and how higher prices and arable-land shortages are already affecting the world.

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Commentary By Andy Shallal: Local Businesses Say No To Walmart

Walmart is planning to open four new stores in the District by 2012. The company says it will create more than 1,000 jobs and offer discounted goods in underserved areas. But commentator Andy Shallal, chairman of Think Local First D.C. Business Alliance, says members of the small business community are opposing the move.