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A Father Reflects On Strength And Meeting His Match

Robert Stover, 83, grew up moving from town to town. Born puny but bright, he tells his daughter, Valerie Anderson, 56, that he got beaten up a lot. Later, he married Valerie's mom, Kay, who was beautiful but scrawny and strong-willed. "She was my match. Some days, she was more than my match."

Condoleezza Rice Resents Cheney's 'Attack On My Integrity'

She also disputes his account of her crying during one meeting. "I don't remember coming to the vice president tearfully about anything in the entire eight years that I knew him," Rice tells Reuters.

Washington Partisans Pick Up Right Where They Left Off

Job creation may be the biggest issue facing the nation this fall, but it's not what set off the latest test of wills between the White House and Republican leaders of Congress on Wednesday.

Ron Paul: 'Philosophy Of Liberty And The Constitution' Has Been Vindicated

From financial crises to problems with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Paul said, his warnings about a government that's too big and spending that's out of control have come true.

Too Many Days Hath September (And Baseball)

Baseball's season is just too long — or at least, that's the opinion of Frank Deford, who provide some suggestions for improvement. One idea: Let more teams into the playoffs.

Your Friends Are Not Your Audience: A Disturbing Internet Lesson In Perspective

A man recently stepped up to a microphone to tell a story he thought was about a really funny thing that happened to him. Others think he confessed to sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room. Still others suspect the story isn't even true.

Muslim Americans 'Overwhelmingly' Satisfied With Their Lives, Poll Finds

There's also no sign of "increased alienation or anger" among Muslim Americans and "no evidence of rising support for Islamic extremism" among the group, the Pew Research Center reports.

Why Did I Watch Fourteen Hours Of The Weather Channel? I'm Not Sure.

Why would anyone gulp down fourteen hours of hurricane coverage before anything even happened? We attempt to explain the phenomenon of marathon viewing.

Powell: Cheney's Taking 'Cheap Shots'

The former secretary of state is no fan of what's in the former vice president's new memoir, which has critical things to say about others who served under President George W. Bush.