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A Story About Steve Jobs And Attention To Detail

A Google vice president said he received an urgent call from Steve Jobs in 2008 about the shade of yellow in the second "O" of the Google logo. He said the call taught him a lesson about leadership and passion.

In Gadhafi's Compound: A Condoleezza Rice Photo Album

The Libyan leader once said "I love her very much." In his compound, opposition fighters found something of a tribute to the former secretary of state.

Steve Jobs And The Cultural Apple

Steve Jobs doesn't take with him the technical capabilities of Apple. His departure does, however, disturb the cultural position of Apple, which has helped it build a uniquely powerful relationship with its fans.
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Susan Oliver: A Teacher Unlocks Hidden Talents

Susan Oliver is a communications consultant in Waterford, Va. She grew up on Long Island, N.Y., where a singing solo and a teacher's encouragement helped her feel powerful for the first time.

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James Abbatiello: Would I Be A Good Dad?

James Abbatiello, a science teacher at Hammond Middle School in Virginia, learned he would be a good father when he saved someone else's son.

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Pablo Simmonds: Don't Forget To Ask, 'Why?'

Pablo Simmonds, a realtor and real estate investor from Hyattsville, Md., learned to stop and question before jumping -- literally -- into a new situation.

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Consider This: Rethinking Whether Poker Is A Game Of Chance

While some consider poker to be based on luck, a new study breaks down the results from the 2010 World Series of Poker to show that highly skilled players had a clear advantage.