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'Primetime' TV, Like You've Never Seen It Before

The PBS documentary series America in Primetime, which premieres this weekend, puts TV under the microscope, analyzing various tropes and character archetypes. Critic David Bianculli says it's the smartest TV show about television he's seen in the past two decades.

A Stone Carver's Daughter Tells Of Mount Rushmore

Luigi Del Bianco was the chief stone carver on the Mount Rushmore monument, working for years to bring the presidents' faces to life in stone. He gave Abraham Lincoln's face many of its details, in the project that ended 70 years ago. But to his family, Del Bianco was a modest, loving patriarch.

Intelligent Design: McCarthy, Myself And A.I.

John McCarthy, who coined the phrase "artificial intelligence," died Monday after a long career of computer science breakthroughs. Commentator Adam Frank explains why there's nothing artificial about McCarthy's effect on technology.

Occupy Wall Street's Most Unlikely Ally: The Pope

The Vatican released a document Monday calling for major reforms of the international financial system. Commentator Thomas J. Reese says the pope's position might surprise some people — he sounds more like a Wall Street protester than a conservative Christian leader.

Outsourcing Tradition: My New, Globalized Diwali

For commentator Sandip Roy, the Indian festival of Diwali usually brings to mind the warmth and comfort of tradition. But this year the holiday seems more commercial than ever before. He has this essay on celebrating the festival of lights in a globalized India.

The (Basketball) Show Must Go On

It's a desperate time for fans of the NBA. Frank Deford provides an alternative entertainment idea for basketball junkies.