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Leaving A Dark Time Behind To 'Get Through It As A Family'

Frank was severely depressed when he left his wife and three children to live on his own in 2009. But at his oldest son's baseball game two years later, he realized he couldn't stay away any longer.

First Lady Not First Priority For Graduates

Host Michel Martin reflects on the recent controversy over first lady Michelle Obama's upcoming speech to high school graduates in Kansas.

Bad Behavior From A Sports Franchise Owner? That's Not New

As the Donald Sterling controversy unfolds, commentator Frank Deford recalls scandals surrounding other team owners, and penalties they did or didn't pay.

Without Life-Saving Pact, This Doctor Would Have Been The Patient

At 17, Dr. Sampson Davis committed a robbery that landed him in juvenile detention. While there, he realized that if he didn't turn his life around and focus on school, he would die in the streets.

Home Of Second City Comedy Ranks First In Humor

Chicago is the best place to have a good laugh, according to a report from the Humor Research Lab in Colorado. But don't be fooled — you can't precisely calculate a city's sense of humor.

After A Shocking Loss, Finding Healing By Teaching Others

When Ayodeji Ogunniyi was a pre-med student, his father was killed by three young men — and his life changed course. (This StoryCorps interview first aired Oct. 30, 2011 on Weekend Edition Saturday.)

'He's My Partner, Not My Friend': A Primer On LGBT Etiquette

Steven Petrow is behind the new LGBT/straight etiquette column for The Washington Post called "Civilities." He says many letter writers are just well-meaning people afraid of doing the wrong thing.

Sports Reporting: The Way It Was ... And Is

Commentator Frank Deford considers a few athletic and cultural standards that have changed over the years.

Dominated By 1 Point Of View, Late-Night TV Needs New Voices

On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert stops by the CBS Late Show to greet the man he'll replace next year, David Letterman. It also spotlights a reality in late-night TV --almost every host is a white man.

Born With HIV, Building A Future

In high school, Cristina Peña was afraid to tell her boyfriend, Chris Ondaatje, that she was HIV-positive. She needn't have worried. More than a decade later, they're still together.