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Impressions Brought Back From My First Africa Trip With The Pope

The papal trip to Africa was a first for Francis, but the Argentine-born pontiff felt very much at home. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reflects on her experiences, and the Pope's, during the historic visit.

Remembering The Forgotten Of The Sports World

Sports gets bigger all the time. But even in the biggest bull markets, there are always a few stocks that fail. The same is true in sports history. Whatever happened to the Little Brown Jug? Bowling?

Newborn Baby Abandoned In Church's Manger Already Being Loved

This week, the love of a mother who felt she couldn't care for her child led her to bring him some place safe and warm. And he was found by people who will—who already do—love him.

Dear Pope Francis, As You Visit Uganda, Here's What You Should Know

The pope arrives in the country on Friday. Commentators James Kassaga Arinaitwe and Viviane Rutabingwa give him a crash course in the country's issues.

There Are No Winners Without Losers

Somebody has to lose, right? So, let's learn from defeat.

Green Bean Casserole: The Thanksgiving Staple We Love — Or Loathe

The classic Midwestern casserole, which turns 60 this year, has come to mean more than just a mashup of processed food. Even those who grew up with it but can't abide it admit: It tastes like home.

The Long Saga Of Spy Jonathan Pollard Continues Even After His Release

He's on parole for another five years, during which he'll have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet, won't be able to give interviews, or leave for Israel. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on his release.
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Dave Isay On StoryCorps And The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Since its inception 12 years ago, StoryCorps has recorded the conversations of 100,000 Americans. This Thanksgiving the oral history project hopes to double that number with the help of a new app. StoryCorps founder Dave Isay talks about "The Great Thanksgiving Listen" and the transformative power of the interview.


Commentary: Mizzou Football And The Power Of The Players

Frank Deford wonders: Once the games are over, are the football players really accepted, or are they just hired hands?

Gray-Haired Granny? An 85-Year-Old Writer Goes Punk Rock Instead

When novelist Anne Bernays became a great-grandmother, she dyed her hair bright blue. She says young people tend to treat the elderly as if they're dumb, "whereas I feel like I'm still a teenager."