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Letters: On The 'Other' Jeremy Lin

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish read emails from listeners about segments on the 'other' Jeremy Lin and the Academy Award for 'Best Original Song.'

What Happened In 'Watergate': An Alternate Take

Thomas Mallon's new novelization of the infamous political scandal re-imagines the events through the eyes of the perpetrators. Critic Heller McAlpin says Mallon manages to capture both the metastasizing dishonesty and the ludicrousness of this great American tragedy of political ambition run amok.

Google Glasses: Frightening Or Fantastic?

The buzz is building about the news that there soon may be "Google glasses" that can put information right in front of your eyes. But is that necessarily a good thing?

Desert Face-Off May Have Closed Out Debate Season. So What Did We Learn?

Televised debates are always about expectations, and by this measure the night belonged to Mitt Romney. Flashing once again the combative style he showed last month in Florida, Romney took the fight to Rick Santorum and made the former senator look like, well, a former senator.

Santorum Spends Debate Fighting Off Attacks From Romney, Paul

Romney was successful in painting Santorum as an intimate part of an unpopular Congress. The former Pennsylvania senator, who found himself center stage for the first time, was on the defensive all night.

Letters: Stolen Tubas, Uninsured Unemployed

Melissa Block and Audie Cornish read emails from listeners on stolen tubas and the uninsured unemployed.

After 'Putin's Kiss,' A Young Girl's Change Of Heart

An absorbing new documentary by Danish director Lise Birk Pedersen charts four years in the life of Masha Drokova, who became famous as the girl who publicly kissed Vladimir Putin. Critic John Powers says it "offers a fresh glimpse into how Putin's Russia actually works."

What Enslaves Us That We Won't Give Up?

Host Michel Martin reflects on what the moral questions of history tell us about our own ethical blind spots. Her commentary comes as the National Museum of African American History and Culture breaks ground Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

So Pinterest Is A Woman's World. Does That Matter?

Pinterest, which has drawn lots of media interest and millions of users, has been tagged "digital crack for women." But while most users are female, men are finding ways to use the social media site, like Drew Hawkins' "Board of Man."