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Power Worker's Legacy: Lines Installed, Doubters Defied, Daughter Inspired

Monica Harwell was the first woman to climb utility poles for Con Edison in New York. The men she worked with didn't think she could do it, but Harwell never let them paint her into a corner.

Deford: When 'Deflategate' Dust Settles, Put Goodell Out To Pasture

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and star quarterback Tom Brady head to court over "deflategate," commentator Frank Deford says it's time for Goodell to be replaced in the league's front office.

From The Gridiron To The Pool: Women Are Making Waves In Sports

For some of us from the bad old days when only the guys got to play team sports, it's a very special thing to see women blowing through doors that not so long ago were closed to them.

Charlotte's Trial: How Jonathan Ferrell's Death Put A City's Self-Image At Risk

As a police officer is tried for manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man, is Charlotte's reputation for progress on race on trial too?

Maj. Bambi: Meet The Marine Who Was Disney's Famous Fawn

A gritty Marine, Donnie Dunagan fought in Vietnam, earned decorations for his service and retired as a major. But all his life, there was one thing he could never escape: He was the voice of Bambi.

Deford To Hollywood: Ban Boxing Movies

Commentator Frank Deford isn't crazy about the new boxing movie Southpaw. He says its shortcomings are typical of Hollywood's depiction of boxing.

For Love Or Money: Fans And Businesses Flock To Fantasy Sports

The legal loophole that allows people to bet on fantasy sports teams but not real ones is attracting big money. Fantasy games may trump real ones soon, says commentator Frank Deford.

Why My Mom Didn't Say 'I Love You' For 11 Years

When the author came out on Nigerian television, his parents were silent. But now he sees changes in their attitude — and in the anti-LGBT attitudes in his homeland as well.

For Women's Sports To Soar, Female Fans Must Show Support

Commentator Frank Deford says female supporters will play a key role in sustaining enthusiasm for women's sports after an exciting U.S. Women's World Cup win.
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The Anti-Defamation League's Abe Foxman On The Fight Against Anti-Semitism, Hate Speech

Abe Foxman, one of the most influential voices in the American Jewish community, is stepping down this month as national director of the Anti-Defamation League. He talks about his life and lessons learned from 50 years of fighting anti-Semitism and hate speech.