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One Man Becomes Another's Hands, Feet And Family

Collin Smith was in high school when an accident left him unable to use his arms and legs. So Ernest Greene, 50 years his senior, decided to help. And when Collin went to college, Ernest went, too.

Time To Root, Root, Root For Final Innings

A baseball odd couple ends their careers this year: Commissioner Bud Selig and Yankees' shortstop Derek Jeter.

#CancelColbert Let Asian-Americans Call Out The Real Ding-Dongs

The fuss over #CancelColbert could be chalked up to an out-of-context tweet, but Asian-Americans are seriously tired of being the butt of jokes.

Firefighters Face Danger Head On (Whomever They're Rescuing)

Firefighters are often called upon to risk their lives. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on a week that demonstrated the extraordinary and surprising sacrifices they make.

A Brooklyn Boy Who Lost A Life, But Helped Save Others

Aidan Seeger was 7 when he died of a genetic disorder known as ALD in 2012. Now New York state requires newborn screening for the disorder, thanks to "Aidan's Law."

Deford: Paying College Athletes Would Level The Playing Field

The sports commentator renders his verdict on the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling that Northwestern University's football players are employees and have the right to unionize.

A Bill To Distill Simmers In Tennessee

Does a legally mandated recipe ensure Tennessee whiskey's quality, or does it violate the spirit's moonshiner roots? NPR's Scott Simon says that further study, and a sampling, is in order.

Never Truly Over: Discussing Deployment A Challenge Of Its Own

Fighting in Afghanistan was extremely difficult, but now that Army Capt. Drew Pham is back in the U.S., he says he doesn't even know how to talk to people. It's his wife, he says, who keeps him going.

Would March Be Less Mad If Players Were Paid?

A ruling this week that football players at Northwestern University could join a union has prompted dire warnings, but the most popular college sports probably wouldn't change much at all.

Letters: ET The Video Game And Spoiler Alerts

Audie Cornish reads from listeners' letters about spoiler alerts and E.T. the video game.