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Letters: A Girl, Her Dad And 'Werewolves Of London'

Listeners write in about Robert Siegel's interview with a young woman who shared a special bond with her father over the Warren Zevon song, Werewolves of London. Audie Cornish reads some of the comments.

Op-Ed: Boomers, Give Up On Entitlements

Boomers, New York Times columnist Bill Keller has a message for you: It's time to bite the bullet and cut spending on Social Security and Medicare. In an op-ed, Keller writes, "It's not our fault that there are a lot of us, but we have resisted any move to fix the system."

'I Didn't See The Gun, And I Didn't Hear The Bullet'

In 1980, Edith Green met a man at a friend's party. When she realized the man could be dangerous, she attempted to cut him off — and was shot. Edith survived, but the attack took a physical and mental toll.

Letters: Reining In College Sports

Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners about colleges under pressure to rein in their football programs.

From Obscurity To The Olympics Back To Obscurity

It's time for the Olympics! Which means, at least for commentator Frank Deford, that it's time to cheer for obscure sports that we only watch every four years.