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No Amnesty For Edward Snowden, White House Says

The former NSA contractor leaked details of the National Security Agency's surveillance operations. Speculation that Snowden could get amnesty if he returns the documents was sparked by comments from the man in charge of the Snowden task force at the NSA.

NSA Fights Back Against Critics

The National Security Agency is challenging those who want to overhaul its surveillance operations. A special panel has sent a report to the White House on how NSA programs should be changed. The group was established by the president following revelations about NSA eavesdropping.

White House: American Seized In Iran Wasn't On CIA Payroll

The Obama administration reiterated its long-held position that Robert Levinson was not "a U.S. government employee when he went missing in Iran" in 2007. The assertion comes a day after The Associated Press reported that Levinson was on a rogue mission for the CIA.

Officials Say Man Planned Suicide Bombing At Kansas Airport

Authorities have arrested a 58-year-old avionics technician whom they accuse of trying to blow up the Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita. The alleged plot was thwarted by undercover officials.

House OKs Wide-Ranging Defense Authorization Bill

A compromise defense bill is making its way through Congress. The authorization measure deals with everything from sexual assault in the military to the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to operations in Afghanistan.

American Who Disappeared In Iran Reportedly Worked For CIA

Robert Levinson vanished in Iran in 2007. His family hasn't received proof of life in more than two years.

Secret U.S. Stealth Drone Flies Out Of The Shadows

Aviation Week says the classified surveillance drone, which is meant to replace the Cold War-era SR-71 Blackbird, has begun test flights at Area 51.

Filling The Gaps For Veterans With Bad Discharges

Community and charity groups are scrambling to provide care where the VA is failing veterans who left the military with less-than-honorable discharges. Many of these groups have extensive experience with the problem; they say tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans faced the same problem.

FBI Agents Support Bipartisan Spending Deal

The bureau, which says it's been hard-hit by sequestration cuts, hopes the compromise plan will forestall furloughs and bring it back to full capacity.

After Discharge Upgrade, Marine Finally Finds A Reason To Live

Michael Hartnett joined the Marines because he wanted to be a tough guy. But deployments to the first Gulf War and Somalia left him haunted by nightmares. He turned to booze; after a bad-conduct discharge he fell into drugs for more than a decade. Three years ago, he convinced a military board to upgrade his discharge. That change in status gave him the chance he needed. Now he's studying to be a social worker so he can help other vets.