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Former FISA Judge Questions Court's Approval Of Surveillance

A former judge for the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court raised questions about the court's approval of government data collection programs on Tuesday. He was testifying before the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, an independent agency considering recently uncovered surveillance efforts.

Privacy Board To Scrutinize Surveillance Programs

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board holds its first public workshop on the implications of two NSA programs uncovered by the media. The board is getting into action just as the Obama administration faces its biggest privacy challenge.

Key Takeaways From Pakistan's Report On Osama Bin Laden

The al-Qaida leader lived in at least six places in Pakistan. Incompetence led to his remaining undetected for nearly a decade, the report says, but some "connivance" cannot be ruled out.

Snowden's Leaks Puts National Security Agency In A Bind

It's been four weeks since Edward Snowden leaked secrets about government surveillance. On Monday, The Guardian newspaper released more of an interview with Snowden. His actions have stirred up a lots of issues for the National Security Agency.

Snowden: Americans Are Good; But Their Leaders Lie

The Guardian has released another video from its interview with the so-called NSA leaker. In it, he explains some of his motivation for spilling secrets.

Russian Lawmaker: Venezuela May Be Last Chance For Snowden

The comments by Alexei Pushkov, the head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia's parliament, may mean Moscow is keen to be rid of the former NSA contractor who leaked details of classified U.S. surveillance programs.

Defense Contractors See Their Futures In Developing World

Sequestration yet to cause the huge job losses in the defense industry that many had predicted. Many defense firms have been turning to other growth areas — particularly, developing countries, which are growing their defense budgets while the West is cutting back.

A Year Later, A Revolution In Egypt Again

This Saturday morning, Egypt is cleaning up from clashes overnight between pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators that killed at least 30 people. Guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with NPR's Leila Fadel and Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson in Cairo about this week's developments and reflect on the changes that have taken place there in the year since now-deposed President Mohammed Morsi was elected.

The U.S. Holds The Aid Card, Yet Egypt Still Trumps

The ouster of Mohammed Morsi puts the U.S. in an awkward position. As the administration considers its next steps, analysts are quick to point out the many missteps in U.S. policy toward Egypt up to now.

If Snowden Tries To Get To Latin America, Cuba Could Be Key

The leaders of Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua have said they're willing to give asylum to the "NSA leaker." He's been lingering in legal limbo at an airport in Russia for nearly two weeks. If he tries to get to Latin America, he may need an OK from Cuba to stop there.