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Push For Release Of CIA Interrogation Report Continues

Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are pressing for the release of a so-called torture report on Bush-era interrogation practices. But there are several hurdles to clear before portions of the report might become declassified.

White House Releases Report On NSA Surveillance Program

A review panel convened by the White House has released its report on surveillance by the National Security Agency. The panel is one of several reviews of U.S. intelligence policy following leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden.

Intelligence Panel Recommends Limits On NSA Surveillance

A panel appointed by President Obama to review U.S. surveillance activities has recommended that the NSA not be allowed to store Americans' phone records.

Beijing: Near Miss As U.S. Warship 'Harassed' Chinese Vessel

Chinese state media have said the Dec. 5 incident involved the country's first aircraft carrier, but Defense Ministry officials did not name the warship.

Judge Rules Against NSA Bulk Collection Program

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has ruled the National Security Agency likely violated the Fourth Amendment in its controversial bulk phone collection program for Americans. The decision, which will be appealed, nonetheless represents a symbolic victory for opponents of mass surveillance.

Snowden's Document Leaks Shocked The NSA, And More May Be On The Way

In the six months since leaks about NSA surveillance began, the intelligence community has struggled to cope with the ramifications of the unauthorized disclosures. With the scandal still reverberating, we take a year-end look at how NSA contractor Edward Snowden got the documents, the scale of what he took, what other categories of documents might still be revealed.

Edward Snowden Seeks 'Permanent Political Asylum'

The former NSA contractor lives in Russia where he has temporary asylum until mid-2014. In an open letter to the people of Brazil, he says permanent political asylum would give him the ability to talk more freely. The Brazilian newspaper that published the letter says Snowden wants asylum in Brazil.

FAA To Soon Pick Sites For Commercial Drone Testing

Before the end of the year, the federal government will select six states where drone makers can test how to safely integrate the technology into commercial airspace. Nevada is vying for one of the spots. The FAA stamp of approval could lure big industry to high-end test sites. But smaller drone developers, who're focused on non-military applications, also see enormous opportunities.

No Amnesty For Edward Snowden, White House Says

The former NSA contractor leaked details of the National Security Agency's surveillance operations. Speculation that Snowden could get amnesty if he returns the documents was sparked by comments from the man in charge of the Snowden task force at the NSA.

NSA Fights Back Against Critics

The National Security Agency is challenging those who want to overhaul its surveillance operations. A special panel has sent a report to the White House on how NSA programs should be changed. The group was established by the president following revelations about NSA eavesdropping.