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Ex-U.S. Army Sniper Instructor Nabbed In Thai 'Hit Squad' Sting

The former sergeant allegedly helped recruit others from Europe and the U.S. to help carry out contract killings.

Study: Effectiveness Of U.S. Drone Strikes Doubtful

The meta-analysis suggests that such attacks that kill militant leaders in Pakistan have little or no effect on the level of insurgent violence in neighboring Afghanistan.

Are Somali-Americans More Likely To Be Radicalized?

Some experts in the U.S. say Somali-American young people are at greater risk of religious radicalization. Host Michel Martin speaks with homeland security advisor Mohamed Elibiary, and Mark Brunswick of Minnesota's Star Tribune about homegrown terrorism.

Syrian Rebels: U.S. Distracted By Focus On Chemical Weapons

Syrian rebel groups say the pipeline of weapons, ammunition and nonlethal aid pledged by the U.S. has slowed in recent weeks, as the Obama administration has shifted focus to destroying President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons. The rebels have a broader goal: destroying the Assad regime.

State Department Renews Global Terrorism Alert

Current information, the department said, indicates al-Qaida and its affiliates are still planning attacks on Americans.

Security Expert: 'We Cannot Live in Fear' About 'Soft' Targets

The deadly attack at a mall in Kenya has a lot of people concerned about "soft targets" here in the U.S. Michel Martin speaks to security expert Clark Kent Ervin for more on how locations like malls, sports arenas and churches can stay safe.

Pentagon Extends Its Reach Throughout Northern Africa

Africa has increasingly become a focus of anti-terror efforts. The U.S. is providing training and intelligence assistance to a number of countries, and is particularly concerned about the arc of countries in northern Africa, stretching from Mali to Somalia.

Al-Shabab Primer

In a conversation with Bronwyn Burton of the Atlantic Council, Steve Inskeep gets a history of al-Shabab, the Islamist militant group that's claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on a Nairobi mall. She says the attack was aimed more at the West than Kenyans.

Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah

Even as it continues to grapple with concerns about its data-gathering operations, the National Security Agency is poised to open a massive facility where cellphone, text message, email and landline data can be stored and analyzed.

Former FBI Agent To Plead Guilty In Leak Case

A court filing reveals the former FBI bomb tech used his top secret clearance to obtain information about an al-Qaida bomb the U.S. intercepted in Yemen. Officials have called the leak one of the most serious in U.S. history.