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5 Ways The Iran Nuclear Deal Collides With U.S. Politics

President Obama's weakened political standing and the upcoming 2014 elections complicate the future of the historic agreement with Iran.

President Obama Bets Big On Middle East Diplomacy

The president has often spoken about making a pivot to Asia. But he keeps being drawn to the Middle East. The president's legacy on foreign policy will likely be determined by what ultimately happens in this volatile region.

Want A File From The NSA? You Can Ask, But You Might Not Get It

Legally, you're allowed to request any record from government agencies, and people are using that right, with gusto, for NSA files. But it's up to agencies to decide which information they will hand over. Here are some examples of records that the NSA has released, when asked, in the past.

Women Pass Marine Training, Clear First Hurdle To Combat Role

For the first time, three women were among the Marines who graduated Thursday from the two-month combat training course. The U.S. lifted the ban on women in combat earlier this year. Now, the Marines are conducting tests to see if women have what it takes to actually serve in the infantry.

Justice Says FISA Was Used To Help Crack 2010 Oregon Bomb Plot

Prosecutors acknowledge they built their case against Somali-born U.S. citizen Mohamed Osman Mohamud partly with secret surveillance information — an admission that could delay his sentencing.

U.S., Afghanistan Reach Tentative Security Pact

The agreement involves a continuing role for U.S. troops beyond 2014 — to train, equip and assist Afghan forces.

What You Need To Know About The Iranian Nuclear Talks

A nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers would be a major breakthrough after years of stalemate. But it's just a first step, and there are plenty of critics who don't think an agreement will work.

Profit, Not Just Principle, Has Tech Firms Concerned With NSA

Google and five other tech companies sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting legislation to reform NSA surveillance programs.

NSA Releases Some Files On Electronic Surveillance

Leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have put pressure on the intelligence agency to release more information about its activities. Among the records is a court ruling that the agency repeatedly exceeded its authority.

NSA Releases 1,000 Declassified Documents

The director of the National Intelligence has released another set of previously secret documents about NSA surveillance programs. The released followed a freedom of information request by the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The documents, many heavily redacted, reveal more about NSA programs.