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Al-Qaida Operative Says Saudi Royal Family Helped Fund Sept. 11 Attacks

Zacarias Moussaoui claims the Saudi Arabian royal family helped fund the Sept. 11 attacks. Audie Cornish talks to Gregory Gause, a professor of international studies at Texas A&M University.

Secretary Of Defense Nominee Appears Headed For Easy Confirmation

Theoretical physicist and former high-ranking Pentagon insider Ashton Carter is fully expected to be the next Secretary of Defense. His confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee is less about him and more about President Obama's defense record, which Republicans consider feckless.

Killing Jordanian Pilot May Backfire Against Islamic State Militants

After grabbing the world's attention by beheading journalists and aid workers, analysts say the execution of a Jordanian pilot could set many in the Arab world against the group.

NSA's Bulk Collection Of Phone Data Continues, Intelligence Review Says

A year ago, President Obama proposed doing away with the National Security Agency's practice of collecting Americans' phone records in secret. Has that change been accomplished?

Ex-Agent: Secret Service Management Should Be More Proactive

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow spent five years on President Obama's detail. He talks to NPR's Rachel Martin about the problems that have led to the agency's current scandals.

Democrat Seeks To Authorize Operations Against ISIS

Rep. Adam Schiff of California plans to introduce a bill to allow congressional authorization of military operations against ISIS. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Rep. Schiff about the new legislation.

Soldier With PTSD, Woman Who Lost Husband To It, Find Solace Together

When Army Capt. Stefanie Pelkey's husband returned from Iraq, "his light was gone," she says. Army Sgt. T.J. Hart says he barely survived the numbness that led Pelkey's husband away.

U.S. Scientist Jailed For Trying To Help Venezuela Build Bombs

Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni was sentenced to five years in jail after he told FBI agents, who were posing as Venezuelan officials, that he could design and supervise the building of 40 weapons.

Court Order May Signal New Approach To Preventing Radicalization

A judge sent a Somali-American man accused of planning to fight in Syria to a halfway house. The decision not to hold him in jail is a first involving someone accused of traveling to join ISIS.

Hagel: Stress Of 'Nonstop War' Forcing Out Good Soldiers

In an interview with NPR's Morning Edition, outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says he is concerned about the toll of repeatedly rotating the same soldiers back to the front lines.