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@CIA Tweets; Internet Explodes In Not-So-Covert Sarcasm

The agency has probably been on Twitter before, but its first public tweet was cloaked in tongue-in-cheek humor.

NBA Finals: Did The Heat Take Down Miami?

A faulty air conditioning system spiked temperatures during the first game of the NBA finals, and the San Antonio Spurs took the win. The Barbershop guys talk sports, politics and pop culture.

Explaining The Bergdahl Swap Hasn't Been Obama's Finest Hour

Some aspects of how Obama and his team told the world about the trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have raised eyebrows, even among congressional allies, prompting questions like: What were they thinking?

'New York Times' Editor: Losing Snowden Scoop 'Really Painful'

Edward Snowden didn't trust The New York Times with his revelations about the NSA because the paper initially spiked an earlier story about the warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

One Year Later, Snowden Still Evades U.S. Charges

One year ago Thursday, Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency documents revealing details of its surveillance program. The Obama administration still considers Snowden a fugitive from justice and wants him to return to the U.S.

Questions Abound Over Why Bergdahl Left Afghan Post

A classified Pentagon investigation suggests Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked off his post in Afghanistan, though it does not conclude he deserted. He was held captive for 5 years.

If It Comes Time To Negotiate With Terrorists, Never Say Never

Steve Inskeep talks to negations expert Amos Guiora, who is a professor at the University of Utah, and author of Tolerating Intolerance: The Price of Protecting Extremism.

A Year After Snowden, U.S. Tech Losing Trust Overseas

It's not every day that an industry in hypergrowth loses trust with its customers in a big way. That's what has happened with American companies in cloud computing such as Cisco.

Despite Video Of Bergdahl's Release, Questions Dog His Capture

Questions surround Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's initial disappearance. Bergdahl has said he was captured by the Taliban while lagging behind on a patrol, but many wonder whether he planned to desert.

Prisoner Swap Ignites Political Firestorm On The Hill

Everything the Obama administration touches seems to set off a political firestorm. The latest involves Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the prisoner exchange that led to his release by the Taliban.